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Great Gospel is Aeris' ultimate Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It fully heals all party members' HP, MP, cures them of all negative status effects, and then makes the party temporarily invincible. Great Gospel is one of the earliest ultimate Limit Breaks that can be obtained for any character.


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As an ultimate Limit Break, Great Gospel is obtained when the player uses the Great Gospel manual on Aeris in the menu after she has learned all of her other Limits. The player can obtain it early, and can begin looking for it as soon as the buggy is acquired. Driving it into the Costa del Sol buildings allows passage aboard the cargo ship to Junon. A cave is located in the north of the Junon Area past some shallows, where a sleeping man can be found. This man will give the player the Mythril item if the total number of battles the player has fought ends in two matching odd numbers or zeros; e.g. 11, 133, 255, 1077, 699, 200.

Mythril can be taken to the man in the cabin between the Gold Saucer and Gongaga after the events in Rocket Town. The Great Gospel manual is obtained by opening the smaller box located on the upper floor of the house. Until the player receives the Tiny Bronco, the blacksmith's house will be empty, and Cloud is returned to the field screen after entering.


Great Gospel.

Great Gospel fully heals all party members, restoring their HP and MP to max, and curing them of all negative statuses. It also provides temporary invincibility for the party. Great Gospel can be used regularly to heal, reducing reliance on Tents and healing items in longer dungeons. Alternatively, it can be saved for dire moments in difficult battles to either provide invincibility to powerful attacks, or simply to rescue the party from other difficult situations. Great Gospel does not rely on Aeris's stats.

Great Gospel makes all of Aeris's previous Limit Breaks redundant aside from Fury Brand, meaning that once obtained, there is no reason not to equip it aside from the situations in which Fury Brand is preferable.