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Airy: Don't dillydally here. Let's go awaken the crystals.
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The Great Chasm (大穴, Ooana?) is a location in Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer, serving as the entrance of the final dungeons in both games.

D's Journal[edit | edit source]

Norende Village (Entry 2)

Great Chasm: This gaping void opened up in the Norende Region, swallowing Tiz's entire village during a massive earthquake that shook all of Caldisla.

Story[edit | edit source]

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The Great Chasm is a massive void located at the former site of Norende Village in the Caldis Region, its arrival heralded by a massive earthquake felt across the region. Caused by the actions of Airy to link multiple Luxendarcs, the Holy Pillar of a previous Luxendarc erupts underneath Norende Village, the light consuming everything as the ground around the village expands into a hole. The only survivor of this event would be Tiz Arrior, who was rescued and taken to Caldisla while Luxendarc's four crystals would be consumed by darkness. As only Sage Yulyana, Lester DeRosso, and Braev Lee knowing the Great Chasm's appearance is a sign of the Great Harrowing which threatens their world, some Anticrystalists believe the Crystal Orthodoxy are to blame.

After awakening, Tiz would return to the Great Chasm in an attempt to find survivors and only is confronted by the vast devastation. He would meet Agnès Oblige, who came to observed the Chasm for herself and prayed for the fallen. With Airy claiming that the Great Chasm can be closed by awakening the four crystals and summoning the Holy Pillar, Tiz chose to accompany Agnès and protect her while she performed this task. But joined by Edea Lee and Ringabel, the group fulfill their mission and find themselves in another world where the Great Chasm still existed and the crystals remained unawakened. Taking up a journey to reawaken the crystals, Agnès's group seemingly fail to close the Chasm several more times.

They eventually learn of the Chasm's true nature and that they have been used by Airy to link the last five among of a multitude of worlds for her master Ouroboros to enter the Celestial Realm. Following after Airy, they travel to a mysterious location known as the Dark Aurora. It is only after Agnès's group defeats Airy and Ouroboros that the Great Chasm closes, the group managing use the chasm to return to their own world before it closes.

Years later, Anne comes across the Great Chasm and uses her power to restore the dimensional link between the world and the Celestial Realm.

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