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Reduces the target's HP by 1/2.


Gravity, also known as Demi,[1][2] is an Attack spell in Final Fantasy VI. It is the basic gravity-based spell that, when successful, halves the current HP of a single target. It ignores reflect, but will fail against targets immune to death. It is learned by party members through magicite.

Gravity is also an enemy ability used by Daedalus, Level 20 Magic, Necromancer, Angel Whisper, Zone Eater, and Zurvan.


Party members can learn Gravity from magicite. It is taught by Phantom at a x5 rate.


Gravity can be used against any enemy without immunity to instant death, and will halve their HP. Because many more powerful enemies are immune to death, and Gravity can only be used on single targets for a very high MP cost, there are only a few instances where one would use Gravity as opposed to a more MP-efficient offensive spell.

Though Gravity is an Attack spell, it is unaffected by the party members' Magic stat or equipment. As such, Gravity can simply be taught to any party member, but is a luxury. As party members equipping the Gold Hairpin or Celestriad relics (which reduce MP costs) will be able to use the spell more frequently, and these relics are equipped by spellcasters, slight priority should be given to spellcasters, but it is a luxury either way.

Gravity is outclassed by Graviga (or Gravija in versions with the spell). Ultimately, however, offensive spells at a similar MP cost will be able to do the same if not more damage in most cases.