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Graviton Core.

Hey, Serah, can you hear me? It seems like wherever I go, I leave this graviton ore stuff in my steps, which you're going to need at some point down the road. Guess that means I should keep walkin', even if it doesn't get me anywhere.

The Hero's Trail

A Graviton Core (グラビトンコア, Gurabiton Koa?) is a matter from Final Fantasy XIII-2 that allows levitation of mass objects of great density. Areas such as the Thirteenth Ark are enabled to remain afloat thanks to the Graviton Core.


A Graviton Core is an extremely rare material discovered within the Thirteenth Ark. The Ark is kept aloft by the buoyant force produced through the cross-reaction between the crystal ores clustered within the core. This system provides a semi-perpetual energy source, eliminating the need to rely on outside power supplies.

The man-made Cocoon and its massive population will require far more power to stabilize than the floating fortress. In order to maintain constant levitation, scientists calculate that at least five separate Graviton Cores will be needed.


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In Academia at 4XX AF, after realizing that the Proto fal'Cie Adam would repeat fal'Cie dominance over humanity, repeating the circumstances that caused Cocoon to be enslaved by fal'Cie rule, Hope Estheim scrapped the Proto fal'Cie Project and started the New Cocoon Project in 10 AF to build a man-made Cocoon instead.

This new "ark" requires multiple Graviton Cores to keep it afloat and Hope enlisted the aid of Serah Farron, Mog, and Noel Kreiss to locate at least five cores to power the new ark, as it is found that Graviton Cores exist in different time periods. Using the Historia Crux and Mog's powers, the team discovers the required Graviton Cores and brings them to Hope, who sets out to complete the new Cocoon.

The Graviton Cores document segments of Snow Villiers's journey through time when they are collected, as he mentions that they are left behind wherever he goes.

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  • Graviton Core Alpha: New Bodhum 3 AF – Tidal Shallows
  • Graviton Core Beta: Bresha Ruins 5 AF – Echoes of the Past
  • Graviton Core Gamma: Oerba 200 AF – Village Proper
  • Graviton Core Delta: Academia 400 AF – New Town
  • Graviton Core Epsilon: Yaschas Massif 100 AF – Pass of Paddra
  • Graviton Core Zeta: Oerba 400 AF – The Ashensand
  • Graviton Core Eta: Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF – Assembly Area