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Gravija in Final Fantasy VI (GBA).

Gravija (グラビダ, Gurabida?, lit. Gravida) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. The spell is exclusive to the Gameboy Advance and mobile remastered versions of Final Fantasy VI, serving as the strongest version of Gravity-type magic.

While it is named after the series recurring Gravija enemy ability in English localizations, it is referred to as Gravida in all Japanese versions of the games the spell appears in, making it a separate ability in Japanese.


Final Fantasy VI[]

Reduces the HP of all enemies by 7/8.


Gravija is an Attack spell in the Game Boy Advance version, the new esper Diabolos teaches Gravija at a rate of X3. Gravija affects all enemies, calculating damage by removing 7/8 of their current HP. Gravija ignores Death immunity. The spell costs 70 MP and is vulnerable to Runic.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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