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Reduces the HP of all enemies by 7/8.


Gravija is an Attack spell in Final Fantasy VI. It is the strongest gravity-based spell, and reduces the current HP of a single target to an eighth. It ignores reflect, and ignores death immunity. It is only learned by party members through magicite.

While it is named after the series recurring Gravija enemy ability in English localizations, it is referred to as Gravida in all Japanese versions of the games the spell appears in, making it a separate ability in Japanese.


Party members can learn Gravija from the Diabolos magicite at a x3 rate. Because this magicite is only available in versions with the Dragon's Den and Soul Shrine, it will not be obtained until very late in the game.


Because Gravija ignores death immunity, it can be used against any enemy. It is a reliable way to deal 9999 damage to a single target, and with the Celestriad equipped, it can be used liberally as a reliable way to deal immense damage. However, other single-target spells, such as Ultima or Flare, can also fulfill this purpose. As such, while Gravija is a powerful spell, it is also unnecessary.

Gravija is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat, and can be taught to anyone. At this point, most party members will have learned most spells anyway, meaning it only needs to be prioritized to whichever character the player gives Celestriad to.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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