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Grave Lord is a Rare Game enemy found in the Golmore Jungle in Final Fantasy XII. Its a stronger version of Dark Lord and rarely drops the Diamond Helm.

Bestiary entry Edit

Derivation: Dark Lord

Dark Lord with hatred enough to keep it forever chained to our world. This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted in Golmore Jungle.



How to find Edit

FF12 Map - Golmore Jungle
Map of Grave Lord's approximate spawn point.

Grave Lord spawns on the central platform in the Rustling Chapel area of Golmore Jungle after the player chains at least 21 foes of the same type. Initially, the zone does not have enough enemies of the same type to sustain a long enough chain. After clearing the zone of its 18 enemies, Dark Skeletons will emerge from the ground as the player walks around in an endless supply, so meeting the chain requirement becomes quick work.

When the player moves near enough to the center where Grave Lord is after reaching a chain of 21, Dark Skeletons stop spawning. Exiting and reentering the Rustling Chapel allows more Dark Skeletons to spawn, and if the player has not defeated the Grave Lord after doing this, it will still be there.

If the player does this during the Vorpal Bunny Hunt, the Dark Skeletons still spawn without the need to defeat the Vorpal Bunny, but the Grave Lord will not spawn when the player chains 21. Dark Skeletons stop spawning when the player has reached a chain of 50. Defeating the Vorpal Bunny resets the chain, allowing more Dark Skeletons to spawn, and the Grave Lord will then spawn after the 21 chain.

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