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A shipping house operating out of Graszton. Its members are a burly bunch of seamen.

In-game description

Graszton Seaways is a clan from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They take great pride in controlling the areas around Graszton, and as such, will hold a grudge against Clan Gully, if they win the auction for the port city and become the champion of Graszton.

Their ranks include both a bangaa White Monk and a Warrior, a nu mou Beastmaster and a seeq Berserker, as well as an hume Thief and a viera Archer. In Hard Mode, their thief is a Moogle and their archer is a Hume.


After winning an Auction for the Graszton area, they can be found in the port city.



  • 3560 Gil
  • FFTA2 Water Stone.PNG Water Stone x2, Remedy x1
  • 30 Ability Points
  • 58 Clan Points
  • 1+ Negotiation, +1 Teamwork

Enemy formation[]

Unit Level Equipment Action Abilities Reaction Ability Support Ability
FFTA2-WhiteMonkSprite.gif 31 Poison Knuckles
FFTA Power Sash.PNG Power Sash
(Earth Render)
(Water, Aero)
Blink Counter Death Strike
FFTA2-WarriorSprite.gif 30 El-Cid
Iron Helm
Arts of War
(Rend Power, Rend Magick, Greased Lightning)
Counter Defense^
FFTA2-MoogleThiefSprite.gif 29 FFTA Rondell Dagger.PNG Rondel
FFTA Adaman Vest.PNG Adamant Vest
Plumed Hat
(Steal Gil, Loot Lv. 2)
Black Magick
(Thunder, Thundara)
Counter Avoid Traps
FFTA2-BeastmasterSprite.gif 29 Conch Shell
Beast Lore
Black Magick
(Blizzard, Blizzara)
Critical: Quicken Magick^
Archer 31 Yoichi Bow, Power Sash, Bracers Precision
(Cupid, Take Aim, Lightning Strike)
Archer's Bane Concentration
Berserker 29 Dream Claws
Power Sash
(Thundara, Tsunami)
Blink Counter Death Strike


White Monk: Hrah! Figured you'd come by sooner or later, Clan Gully! You were making such a racket during the auction, we couldn't concentrate! Well, auctions are for boys... and it's high time you fought like men! Quiet men!
Were we really that loud?
  • We're, uh, sorry about the noise.
  • Does that include the women?
White Monk: W-women!? So you were talking to your women back then!? I know what that look means! You're wondering why we don't have any women with us!
Grrr... You think you're quite a catch, don't you, fancy lad! Well my fist disagrees!
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