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The Grasslands Area is a region of the World Map in Final Fantasy VII. It is located west of the Midgar Area with no clearly defined border, but begins where a mountain ends which is also where the extent of wasteland caused by Midgar's Mako extraction ends. Separating it from the Junon Area is a mountain with the Mythril Mine serving as a passage through. Off to its west and south are the Mideel Area islands, and to the north are the Goblin Islands.

The entrance to the Mythril Mine is located across are the marshes, which are entirely enclosed by mountains, and therefore to reach it requires crossing the swamp. Miners from Kalm once used the mine, however increase in monsters has made it too dangerous. Among the monsters is the Midgar Zolom, an aggressive type of serpent that swims around the marshes and a threat to even trained fighters.

Set up in the otherwise empty plains of the Grasslands Area is the Chocobo Farm owned by Choco Bill, who has made business out of selling chocobos and Chocobo Lure Materia to travelers trying to cross the marsh.

After crossing the marshes for the first time, the player will enter a one-time field where they see an impaled Midgar Zolom, however this event can be skipped with a menu press.

Old concept artwork of the World Map refer to this location as 大草原 (Daisōgen?), referring to large grass plains or a prairie[1], which is likely the term from which "Grasslands Area" was later derived.

As some Chocobo enemies' in this area have a level divisible by four (16), the Chocobuckle enemy skill can be learned in this area. The Mu enemies fought in this area have the L4 Suicide enemy skill, and the Mimett Greens can be fought in the Chocobo Farm. Giving a Mimett Greens to a Chocobo that appeared paired with two Levrikon or two Elfadunk, and then using L4 Suicide on it will cause the Chocobo to use Chocobuckle.


Grass (88%)
[13/64]#048: Levrikon, Mu x2
[13/64]#049: Levrikon x3
[13/64]#050: Levrikon x2 (Back attack)
[13/64]#051: Levrikon x3 (Back attack)
[12/64]#052: Mandragora x4

[2/64]#053: Elfadunk x2
[2/64]#054: Levrikon, Elfadunk x2
[4/64]#055: Levrikon, Mandragora x2, Elfadunk

[24/96]#056: Chocobo (LV13, Bad) , Mandragora x2
[24/96]#057: Mandragora, Chocobo (LV13, Bad), Levrikon
[24/96]#060: Chocobo (LV16, Terrible), Levrikon x2
[24/96]#061: Elfadunk, Chocobo (LV16, Terrible), Elfadunk
Beach (75%)
[16/64]#058: Levrikon
[16/64]#059: Levrikon x2
[16/64]#062: Elfadunk
[16/64]#063: Elfadunk x2
#469: Midgar Zolom (when touching the shadow)


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