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The newest of stations on the train line. It is a nexus of sorts between Lilty and Selkie cultures. It is often seen as a symbolic place for unity between the two tribes.

In order to receive permission to build stations, the Guild Leader at the time had to satisfy the former (Selkie-hating) Lilty King's condition to not make the trains visible from any part of the capital. The Guild Leader resolved this problem by building the tracks underground and connecting it to the capital via a long staircase. This station is said to be a symbol of unity between the Lilties and Selkies, but it could also be said to be a symbol of their long history of animosity.
—In-game description

Grassland Station is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is a stop on the Selkie Train. The capital city of Alfitaria can be reached by going through the Queen's Garden. It also connects to Cherry Checkpoint.

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