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Noel Grasitha

Grasitha in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

This powerful weapon seethes with the entropic souls of Valhalla. Increases chain bonuses.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 description

Grashitha (グラーシーザ, Gurāshīza?, lit. Grasida) is a recurring weapon in the series.


Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Grasitha is a dual sword for Noel that provides 120 Strength, 72 Magic, the ability Chain Bonus Lv. 5, and synthesis ability Vampiric Strike. It drops from Ochu.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Grasitha is a weapon for Dragoons. It is a potential treasure from Nidhogg, the final boss of the Aery.

GrasithaLancer's Arm136

Auto Attack: 58.77
Damage: 58
Delay: 3.04
Magic Damage: 41
Strength: 58
Vitality: 64
critical hit: 37
Determination: 39

LNC DRG 553.0

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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