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The Grandshelt Royal Guard, also simply known as the Knights of Grandshelt (グランシェルトの騎士, Guransheruto no Kishi?), is an order of knights that appears in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Famed across the nations of Lapis for their bravery and strength, they serve and protect the Kingdom of Grandshelt, its monarch and its people.


In charge of protecting Royal Capital Grandshelt, the order is comprised of not only swordsmen, but an archery and a black mage division as well. Knights lead soldiers into battle, and are known to employ civilians (as in the case of the scholar Chloe, or the nurse Sophia) on certain occasions.

Those who seek to become a knight of Grandshelt must prove themselves skilled with the sword, have a sense of justice, will to extend their hand to the weak, and epitomize the very strengths of what it means to be a person. The knights are popular among the people, and usually arrange public practices on the Colosseum for civilians to enjoy.

While there are no uniforms or armor requirements, its members can be distinguished by a knight insignia they wear somewhere on their attire. Each comes in a different color: Rain's is red, Lasswell's is cyan, Loren's is light green (all three are available as accessories), and Raegen's is light blue (as seen in his CG render). Due to the fine qualities that are required of the knights, the insignia is widely known as a mark of excellence. Knights are also said to bear these insignias to show their resolve to live under the order's code.

Difference in rank depends on the number of beads: three is that of Commanders, four is that of Captains (who are said to have extraordinary bravery, endurance, and vigilance). Other known ranks are that of General and Grand General.

The medal.

A very few knights can also be awarded with a medal, given out by the king, which is considered the greatest of honor that a knight can receive. It proves that the knight is both powerful and talented, bringing about prosperity to the land, and is admired and loved by its citizens. Only a very few have ever been graced with this medal.


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For Grandshelt's hundreds of years of history, the knights have protected the kingdom.

Twenty years or so ago, the capital sought the implementation of entrance examinations to select the newest generation of knights.

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