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The Grandshelt Isles.

The Grandshelt Isles are a series of islands within the greater Grandshelt archipelago within the world of Lapis. The Isles are home to the Kingdom of Grandshelt, Siren's Tower, Inferno Hollow and the Earth Shrine.


Before Grandshelt was formed as a kingdom, the continent was inhabited by a tribe of natives. However, this tribe was displaced and their lands stolen by invaders who where able to manipulate crystals. The kingdom was later formed and and participated in a war for the crystals. After the war, the kingdom, and the isles entered a time of peace.

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The Grandshelt Isles housed the Earth Crystal until it was shattered by Veritas of the Dark of the Sworn Six of Paladia, resulting in increased monster activity throughout the region. Following this, Dark and the rest of the Sworn Six laid siege to Grandshelt Castle until they were stopped by Fina, who had just been released from her crystal sealed deep beneath the castle. Fina as a result lost her memories and began following Rain and Lasswell, two Knights of Grandshelt whom she had previously granted the power of Visions to, who had headed off in pursuit of the Sworn Six in order to prevent them from achieving their goal and shattering the rest of the Crystals.

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Earth Shrine[]

A shrine housing the Earth Crystal, attacked by Veritas of the Dark and overrun by monsters.

Latius Woods[]

A light forest located between the Earth Shrine and the Town of Mitra.

Town of Mitra[]

A sleepy town located between the Earth Shrine and the Royal Capital Grandshelt, it is regularly patrolled by soldiers from the kingdom and has shallow and rocky waters used for fishing.

Dalnakya Cavern[]

A cavern found between Mitra and the Royal Capital, home to Goblins that, following the destruction of the Earth Crystal, began raiding human villages.

Siren's Tower[]

Domain of the Esper Siren whose seal was broken due to the destruction of the Earth Crystal. This tower stands resolute on a small island off the port of Mitra with eponymous Esper residing at the top.

Dalnakya Plains[]

Rainy plains located just east of the Royal Capital, patrolled regularly by Guards from the Castle.

Grandshelt Catacombs[]

Tunnels and sewers underneath Grandshelt Castle that lead directly into it. Their entrance is somewhere near the north castle wall.

Grandshelt Castle[]

Main seat of power of the Kingdom of Grandshelt and home to the King of Grandshelt; besieged by forces working with Veritas of the Dark. Underneath the Castle lies a Crystal housing a mysterious figure.

Royal Capital Grandshelt[]

The capital of the Kingdom of Grandshelt. The city surrounds the castle and is divided by walls stretching from the Castle to the outside of the city. The city itself has multiple districts and a pronounced "lowtown" due to rising economic disparity, however the streets of the city remain safe thanks to soldier patrols.

Fulan Pass[]

A lush mountain pass between the Royal Capital and the Port City Lodin.

Port City Lodin[]

A mayor centre of trade and the main connection with the mainland for the Grandshelt Isles.

Ordol Port[]

The only port in an active volcanic island, with tourism as it's main industry. People from afar go to Ordol to observe the volcanic peak.

Inferno Hollow[]

Domain of the Esper Ifrit, located in a cave amidst an active volcano. Full of deadly fire monsters, the resident Esper challenges those who survive to reach its lair and interrupt its sleep.


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Name Origin Prerequisite Objective Reward
Succor for Sore Eyes Innkeeper (Town of Mitra) None Hand over eye drops Hi-Potion
"Alas! An inkeep has been cursed with a dreadful bout of dry eyes. Procure some eye drops, that he might gaze upon the smiles of his guests again."
A Hello to Arms Armorsmith (Town of Mitra) None Deliver 5 pieces of lumber Silk Robe
"A lowly armorer wishes to create a new item. Encourage his spirit of enterprise by gathering the necessary materials from Latius Woods."
Bleeder of the Pack Gylbart (Town of Mitra) None Defeat 10 wolves Recipe for Bronze Mace
"Some inpertinent wolves in Dalnakya Cavern are disrupting the flow of goods between cities. Take up arms and exterminate this threat to free trade."
Secrets Unearthed Suspicious Boy (Town of Mitra) None Obtain the secret book Recipe for Blizzard
"A young boy in Mitra seeks a mysterious tome somewhere in the Shrine of Earth. What monkeyshines does the lad have for this hidden codex?"
Feathers in Your Cap Woman (Town of Mitra) Talk to hostess at Grandport Inn Deliver 18 raptor feathers Buckler
"You have been tasked with procuring raptor feathers, which are hard to come by in these parts. Venture forth and track down this rare material."
For My Eyes Only Woman (Town of Mitra) None Locate the notebook Recipe for Cure
"A girl has lost her precious notebook. Gather information from the townspeople to ascertain its whereabouts."