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Grandhorn is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Beast Over Brawn hunt.


A subspecies of dualhorn with a sturdy build and a stalwart stature. The grandhorn is rumored to charge with enough force to topple even the king of beasts himself—the behemoth. Its wild behavior inspired the Hunters' saying to "charge in like a grandhorn," words meant to instill courage and dispel doubt before a difficult mission.
Size: 24.31 ft. Weight: 21.34 t


Beast over BrawnLongwythe Rest Area3
Red Hunt Icon
Grandhorn x2, Dualhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)274,010 gil, Megalixir★★



Grandhorns appear in a herd on the Leide Weaverwilds with regular dualhorns. The grandhorn is weak to polearms, shields and fire and is easily distinguishable from its more diminutive kin by its sheer size. It bodyslams those close to it and bucks wildly to attack with its horns. Its charging attack launches Noctis high up in the air unless the player blocks and parries; the player can break momentum with Warp.


Throwing fire elemancy at the herd is a good way to start off the battle. Staying behind one to deal blindside-strikes and links works well, as the grandhorn can't do much offensively from that position. The grandhorn's attacks knock Noctis over, so the player should be ready with the Defense button to dodge.

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