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The Grand Glove is a weapon for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. It can first be acquired at the Mythril Mine by stealing. Grand Glove is a low to mid-tier weapon, which provides four Materia slots, two of which are linked, and moderate stats. As with all of Tifa's gloves, it cannot be thrown, and like most, provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate.


Grand Glove can first be stolen from Madouge enemies in Mythril Mine. If not acquired this way, it can be purchased at Junon or Gongaga for 1,200 gil. It is better to steal Grand Glove early, meaning the player can forego purchasing the Mythril Claw.


Attack 31
Attack% 110
Magic 6
Materia slots Materia Slot Linked x1
Materia Slot Single x2
Bonuses Element: Punch

Critical% +2

As the Grand Glove has a base Attack stat bonus of 31, the base damage for physical attacks when the Grand Glove is equipped is in the following formula:

$ \text{Base Damage} = \text{(31 + Strength)} + \frac{\text{(31 + Strength)} + \text{Level}}{32} \times \frac{\text{(31 + Strength)} \times \text{Level}}{32} $

where "Level" is Tifa's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Grand Glove also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 110%, grants a +6 bonus to Tifa's Magic stat, and provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate of +2%.


Grand Glove FF7

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The Grand Glove can be acquired shortly after the player leaves Midgar from the Mythril Mine, and is Tifa's most powerful weapon before reaching Cosmo Canyon, when the Tiger Fang can be purchased. The weapon has four Materia slots and greater stats than weapons previously available for her.

Due to Tifa's high Strength stat and her multi-hit Limit, Grand Glove's unlinked slots are best given to Independent Materia, such as Counter Attack, that take advantage of this, or Command Materia that does not depend on her Magic stat. It can be useful to equip her with one Magic Materia or Summon Materia early on nonetheless for situations when her physical damage is less useful. Pairing this with Elemental is also a great choice for Tifa to take advantage of her physical damage and still exploit an enemies' weakness to an element.

Grand Glove can be replaced upon acquiring the Tiger Fang or a more powerful weapon.

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