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Grand Gaia Chronicles is a collaboration event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is based on the game Brave Frontier.

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Spoken of in a faraway world, the mythical land of Grand Gaia. The memories which have appeared in the dimensional vortex are that of a "hero aflame", one who fought against the gods in a never ending war. Determines to become like his father, the knight, despite losing to his rival, a talented swordswoman, he never let up on his strict training... This man would go on to fight the gods themselves which had more in their goal to destroy the humans. What might go through Rain's head as he comes face-to-face with these memories?


King Mog exchanged various rewards for FFBE Karma Karma within the event period. Players could obtain Karma by defeating enemies inside the event dungeon. Having Brave Frontier limited-time units on the party gave a bonus to the amount of Karma earned. Such units were Elza and Maxwell (+100%), Tilith, Karl and Seria (all three +75%). All but Maxwell (who could be obtained by completing a Trial of the Creator mission) were featured on the then-current banner.


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