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Flag of Jeuno.

The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, or more commonly just Jeuno, is a booming city-state in the world of Vana'diel from Final Fantasy XI. Built upon Heaven's Bridges, the city is a structure that allows passage between the Quon and Mindartia continents. Due to political neutrality, Jeuno often acts as a regulator between the other three nations of Vana'diel.

Life in Jeuno[]

This booming city-state is built upon Heavens Bridge, a structure that allows passage between the Quon and Mindartia continents, as such Jeuno is a city in the middle of an ocean. Jeuno's national policy is one of neutral mercantilism, and is governed by a set of relatively loose regulations. This encourages a constant flow of traders of all races, from Hume shopkeepers to Goblin merchants, to visit this colorful, cosmopolitan town. Jeuno is also the only country to retain the ancient skills required to construct airships, which provides a rapid method of travel between nations.

At the time of the Beastmen invasion several decades ago, this small nation took leadership of the countries of Vana'diel. Jeuno forged those countries into the Alliance of Altana, and succeeded in repelling the onslaught.

Military Organization[]

The military of the Duchy is far from an actual military. The guard is more of a police force in which the officers police the city.

The Ducal Guard[]

The military force of Jeuno, the Ducal Guard, are police of the giant city. From commerce to industry, the guard regulate all commercial traffic in the city and watch over it's citizens.

The Armathrwn Society[]

A secret society of an unknown origin, membership, and purpose. Members of this group freely roam the city, but rarely speak to the public. Their purpose is seen as a mystery, but rumors circulate that they are responsible for much of Cid's knowledge in the arts of crafting and technology.


Map of Jeuno.

Musical themes[]

"The Grand Duchy of Jeuno" plays in most areas of Jeuno, except for Ru'Lude Gardens, where "Ru'Lude Gardens" plays instead.


A duchy is a country, territory, fief, or domain ruled by a duke or duchess. The term is used almost exclusively in Europe, where in the present day there is no sovereign duchy (i.e. with the status of a nation state) left.