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{{Q|It is not certain how many copies of the book still exist, but it is said that whoever should hold one holds the power to change the world.|''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]'' Instruction Manual}}
The '''Gran Grimoire''' (グラン・グリモア, ''Guran Gurimoa'') is a powerful source of magic in the world of [[Ivalice]]. It has strange powers, which cannot be easily explained, but he who wields the Gran Grimoire wields some of the greatest magic in Ivalice. In reality, there are many books going by the name of Gran Grimoire, each one holding an incredible amount of power.
===''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]''===
The Gran Grimoire is the magic book which transforms the town of [[St. Ivalice]] into the world of Ivalice. The world it creates is centered around [[Mewt Randell]]: he becomes Prince, his father Cid becomes Judgemaster, and the book creates an entity known as the [[Queen Remedi|Li-Grim]] to replace his dead mother Remedi. The Gran Grimoire's spell is reversed when [[Marche Radiuju]] defeats all five of the [[Totema]] and the Li-Grim, thus causing the world to revert to normal.
===''[[Vagrant Story]]''===
{{Q|The Gran Grimoire...the ultimate codex of sorcery.|[[Lady Samantha]]}}
The Gran Grimoire is known as the ultimate codex of sorcery and the Prime Mover, the machinery of life itself. While it was common belief that the Gran Grimoire is a book, the higher echelons of the Iocus priesthood and the [[Valendia Knights of the Peace]] knew that [[Leá Monde]] the dead city was itself the Gran Grimoire. Ancient [[Kiltia|Kildean]] incantations dating to the age of [[Müllenkamp]] have been carved deep into the stone walls and floors of the city, which was the wellspring of darkness. [[Jan Rosencrantz|Rosencrantz]] and [[Romeo Guildenstern]] yearn for the Gran Grimoire and its powers, which can only be unlocked by the key bearer, the individual that holds the [[Blood-Sin]] tattoo, [[Sydney Losstarot]].
Vagrant Story is actually the first story on [[Ivalice]] that makes mention of the Gran Grimoire, appearing prior to any mention in subsequent ''Final Fantasy'' games.
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