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A convenient thing, justice. And so I must now make a choice... between my throne, and my son.
—Emperor Gramis Solidor

Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor is a character from Final Fantasy XII and is the father of Vayne Carudas Solidor and Larsa Ferrinas Solidor. At the age of 63 at the beginning of the story, he is the 11th Emperor of Archadia and the fourth from House Solidor.




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The man responsible for Archadia's movement into Nabradia and Dalmasca, Gramis has led Archadia with the same ruthlessness as those who came before him, with the help of his third son, Vayne. It was Gramis who ordered Vayne to kill his older brothers, possibly because they were scheming behind his back. Gramis was often forced into action by the Imperial Senate, having lost power and control over them.

By the end of his rule, a sickly Gramis seems to regret his past violent interferences in the Kingdoms of Nabradia and Dalmasca, his greatest regret allowing war to cause rifts in his family. Still, Gramis assigns Judge Gabranth to oversee Vayne's actions, and report directly back to him.

The Senate forces Gramis to choose between his two remaining sons, the ruthless Vayne or the innocent Larsa, to take over as the new Emperor. Vayne tells his father the present Archadia has been built on military might with House Solidor at the forefront from generations, and not on negotiation and peace, which is what rule under the liberal-minded Larsa would be like. Vayne believes might and ruthlessness are necessary evils needed to preserve the power of House Solidor from elements that might seek to usurp their hold of the throne; specifically referring to the Imperial Senate. Gramis, while acknowledging this, does not respond further.


Gramis assassinated.

Gramis is murdered and with none to compete for the throne except for young Larsa, Vayne declares himself "temporary" autocrat until matters could be settled officially. He blames the Head of the Senate, Chairman Gregoroth, for conspiring with the rest of the Imperial Senate in the poisoning of the Emperor Gramis. The Senate is disbanded and Vayne holds absolute control, hence succeeding in ensuring the longevity of House Solidor.

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He is voiced by Roger L. Jackson in the English version, who also voiced Wen Kinoc in Final Fantasy X.

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