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I will run, yes. But I do not mean to die!

Gragoroth Levigne

Gragoroth Levigne, also known as Golagros Levine, is a minor character from Final Fantasy Tactics. He is one of the leaders of the Corpse Brigade. Unlike the other commoners, Gragoroth is highly literate, as evidenced by him citing a poem threatening Zalbaag Beoulve at Ziekden Fortress.


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Failed assassination attempt[]

Shortly after the skirmish at the Brigands' Den, Gragoroth attempts to assassinate Dycedarg Beoulve at Eagrose Castle. He wounds Dycedarg, but cannot finish him off. Instead, he attempts to seize Dycedarg's half-sister Alma. Thwarted by the intervention of Dycedarg's brother Zalbaag, Gragoroth kidnaps Alma's friend Tietra Heiral instead, and flees on a chocobo, taking Tietra back to the Windmill Hut.

Fight and flight[]

Wiegraf Folles, leader of the Corpse Brigade, intends to have Tietra released, but when his sister Milleuda dies in combat with Ramza Beoulve, Wiegraf resolves to kill Ramza and avenge her. Gragoroth flees, but knows the Order of the Northern Sky would find him. Despite Wiegraf telling him to leave Tietra in the hut, he thus takes Tietra as a hostage.

Gragoroth takes Tietra to Ziekden Fortress, where he believes they would be safe. At the fort, Gragoroth takes command of the Corpse Brigade garrison, which is attacked by the Order of the Northern Sky under Zalbaag. The Corpse Brigade is defeated, and Gragoroth is left alone at the entrance of the fort.


Gragoroth threatening Zalbaag.

Gragoroth stands at the door of the fort with a knife to Tietra's throat. Beneath him stand the Northern Sky forces led by Zalbaag and another knight of lesser rank, Argath Thadalfus. Zalbaag demands Gragoroth surrender, but he refuses, warning the Northern Sky that he would blow up the fort's gunpowder store if they do not back off. Zalbaag's half brother Ramza and Tietra's brother Delita arrive with reinforcements. Zalbaag orders Argath into action, and Argath shoots Tietra with his crossbow.

A stunned Gragoroth drops Tietra only to be hit by a second crossbow bolt. Falling to his knees, Gragoroth crawls back inside and makes his way downstairs to the gunpowder room, lights the fuse and the fort explodes, killing him.

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