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Edge under Gradual Petrify 1/3 in Final Fantasy IV (SNES).

Gradual Petrify (徐々に石化, Jojo ni Sekika?), also known as Slow-numb, Slow Petrify, Gradual Petrification, Petr, Partial Petrification, Petrify, and Petrifying, is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series that causes the character to slowly turn into stone. It can be cured in the same way as Petrify.


Final Fantasy III[]

FFIII Gradual Petrify Status.gif

Petr (also called Partial Petrification) after a few turns in battle turns the affected character to stone, rendering them unable to act. In the original NES version, a character or monster instead becomes petrified if inflicted with Partial Petrification twice.

The weapons Break Blade, Medusa Arrow and Omnirod inflict this status, as well as the spell Break; in the NES version, the Golem Staff inflicts Partial Petrification too, while the Medusa Arrows inflict instant Petrify. The enemies Helldiver, Stalagmite, Myrmecoleon, Chimera, Cockatrice, Rock Gargoyle, Kum Kum, Medusa, and Cerberus.

It can be removed with the Soft item. Gradual Petrify is accumulative and unique, in that it does nothing on its own, but will inflict Full Petrification once it fully stacks. For example, a character is first 1/3 petrified, then 2/3 petrified, then fully petrified. Full Petrification differs from Petrify in that it requires resistance to Partial Petrification and not Petrify in order to protect against it.

Final Fantasy IV[]

FFIVDS Petrify Status Icon.png

Gradual Petrify progresses to Petrify over time, or after any attack that successfully inflicts any Gradual Petrify effect three times. Higher Stamina or high maximum HP (for monsters only) slows down the timer's progression. Slow also delays worsening, while Haste quickens it.

In the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, Gradual Petrify 1/3 has the character's legs in stone and Gradual Petrify 2/3 goes up to the character's head. The Game Boy Advance version change the visual effect to that of greyish silver rings surrounding the character that is similar to the paralysis visual status effect.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The Gradual Petrify status returns as a status effect and functions the same way as its predecessor.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

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Final Fantasy VII[]

Slow-numb causes characters with this condition to become petrified after 30 seconds. In Battle Square battles, Slow-numb carries to the next battle if the character gets inflicted.

Game Element Type Effect
Left Revenge Enemy Attack Reduces MP by 15/32 and inflicts Poison and Slow-numb.
Right Revenge Enemy Attack Reduces HP by 15/32 and inflicts Small and Slow-numb.
Left Thrust Enemy Attack Reduces MP by 25/32 and inflicts Poison and Slow-numb.
Right Thrust Enemy Attack Reduces HP by 30/32 and inflicts Small and Slow-numb.
Petrif-Eye Enemy Attack Inflicts Slow-numb.
Petrified Frog Enemy Attack Inflicts Frog and Slow-numb.
Petrify Smog Enemy Attack Inflicts Slow-numb.
Rock Finger Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Slow-numb.
Stone Stare Enemy Attack Inflicts Slow-numb.
Triclops Enemy Attack Inflicts Sadness and Slow-numb. Only used if all Grangalan Jr. Jr.s are dead.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

FFVIII Gradual Petrify Status Symbol.PNG

Characters afflicted with Petrifying will become petrified when the counter above their heads reaches 0, after roughly 13.3 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Gradual Petrify starts a countdown meter of 10 to appear above the unit's head. When the meter reaches zero, the unit is petrified. Gradual Petrify can be healed by the Soft and Remedy items, Stona, and Esuna spell, or it can be prevented altogether by equipping the Jelly support ability.

If Zidane is affected by Gradual Petrify, and the player uses Flee the moment he is going to die from it, he'll still use the ability even though he is petrified, sending the other members to safety.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Gradual Petrification is an effect of the "Calcifying Mist" ability used by Notorious Monster Peistes in the Wings of the Goddess expansion. Afflicted players have their movement speed slowed down during the countdown until fully petrified.

Final Fantasy XII[]

FFXII Stone Icon.png

The character is turned to stone and will be unable to move or act once the count reaches 0. Remove with a Gold Needle.


Petrify slowly turns a character to Stone, represented by a counter starting at 10 that ticks down every ~4.5 seconds. As the timer runs down, the physical damage both received and dealt by the afflicted unit gradually decreases in increments of 10%, rendering them almost immune to such attacks when the countdown reaches 1. Petrify can be cured with Esuna, but once the timer runs out and the character turns to Stone, they can only be cured by Stona or a Gold Needle.

The player can inflict Petrify via the Break spell, requiring the Time Magick 3 license, costing the player 30 LP, or with the Ancient Sword or the Stone Shot. Fuzzy Miter and Ribbon protect against the status.

Doom and Petrify normally cannot co-exist on the same target; having one status confers immunity to the other. The only exception is when using a Remedy with Nihopalaoa, which inflicts both statuses simultaneously. Because Petrify ticks down quicker than Doom, it will take effect sooner.

The Petrify status can be exploited to trigger the dead character glitch.

Zalera's and Gilgamesh's ability, Level 4 Break, can inflict Petrify if the target's level is a multiple of 4.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

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