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Govv is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is involved in fisher questline during the Stormblood expansion.



Personality Edit

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Story Edit

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Govv met Wawalago Momolago while the lalafell was fishing and Govv accidentally took his bait. In arguing they ended up getting into a discussion about love for the ocean floor and ended up becoming. Wawalago started to sneak out of the city at night to talk to Govv. His Wawalago behavior catches Sisipu's attention and asks the Warrior of Light to find out what the guildmaster was doing. Warrior's investigation ends with him being introduced to Govv

Govv is gravely concerned at the sudden and surprising disappearance of a particularly striking species of fish known as “the shooting star of the seas” in the Sahagin tongue. With a clear vote of confidence from the guildmaster, Govv accepts the Warrior of Light aid, and goes off to collect more information that could help you ascertain where the fish may have absconded to.

As a result of the searches, Reyna Breakhook investigates and finds the location of the breeding beds of the shooting stars to a region on the Ruby Sea. Reyna also learns that the real name of the so-called shooting stars of the Sahagin are known to the Hingan people as harutsuge. the party also learns that before the garleans arrived, the Isari fishermen teamed up with their Kojin friends to hold an annual event known as the Wadatsumi festival. The festivities involved the capture of fearsome sea beasts known as giant plesiosaurs and their homage to sea kami but traditional religious practices, were banned twenty-five years ago, when Garleans arrived resulting in an overpopulation of plesiosaurs, who are hunting the young of harutsuge before they can reach the maximum size.

With the festival preparations completed, Wawalago travels to the far east with his companions. Govv participates in the festival and witnesses the return of the harutsuge.

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