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The Goug area.

This island rising from the Mirhelian sea is home to the moogle city of Goug.

Goug the name of an island in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, located in the southern part of Ordalia. It is full of both new machines and old gadgets made by moogle inventors. It resembles Goug from Final Fantasy Tactics, but is mainly a moogle city. The inhabitants are not very skilled with combat, leading them to attempt to hire "bodyguards" to protect the city.

Locations Edit

Goug Mines Edit

No ordinary mine, this network of tunnels holds machineries found nowhere else. Expeditions are often made in search of these ancient relics.

Quests Edit

  • "The Dig" (Story mission)
  • "An Earnest Delight" (One of four points)
  • "Oh No, Kupo!"
  • "Escort Wanted"
  • "Drawn Bridge"
  • "Crying Eyeball"

Goug Edit

This moogle city is the birthplace of tecknologies found throughout Ivalice. Odd machineries perch on every shelf and peer out from every corner.

Quests Edit

  • "Goug Nightwatch"
  • "I Must Have It!"
  • "'Cross the Sea"
  • "From 'Cross the Sea"
  • "Watching the Watchers"
  • "Training Wanted" (Repeatable)
  • "Time to Act"
  • "Wanted: Assistant"
  • "Goug Cup" (Repeatable)

Corpolk Field Edit

Few plants grow in the barren soil here. A mountain belches black smoke in the distance.

Quests Edit

  • "It's a Secret to Everybody"
  • "Foodstuffs: Bon Appetite"
  • "Bringer of Doom"

Random encounter Edit

"Of a Feather"
Though generally calm and obedient by nature, some varieties can be quite vicious.
Forbidden: Ranged Weapons

There is a chance that the red chocobo will be a level 99 chocobo named Redhawk. If this battle is won when Redhawk is in the enemy party, then the "Armlet of Whispers" is rewarded, allowing whoever equips it to summon Shemhazai.

Secret location Edit


Firewyrm Mount Edit

Gouts of flame erupt from the living volcano. They say beasts who breathe flame and scorch the ground they walk on live among the char.

This area is unlocked after checking the top right well in the mission "Odd Places".

Quests Edit

  • "Devilish Delight"
  • "Wall of Flame"

Highroads Edit

Kthili Highroad Edit

This road leads north to Kthili Sands. A great iron drawbridge connects the island with the mainland.

This highroad opens after completing the mission "Drawn Bridge".

Neslowe Highroad Edit

This majestic bridge leads west to the Neslowe Passage. Its solid construction shrugs off storm and tide with ease.
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