The Clockwork City of Goug

The Clockwork City of Goug is a location from Final Fantasy XIV. Part of the ancient kingdom of Ivalice, it was built on an island; the limited land meant the city had to build upward rather than outward. The people of Goug lacked magical aptitude, and so turned toward technology.

Goug, as well as the rest of Ivalice, was thought to be merely a myth. The truth was that the city was abandoned by its people after explosion destroyed half the city. According to Jenomis cen Lexentale the explosion was caused by a battle between Ramza Beoulve and a machine known as Subject 6, when an errant discharge from Subject 6's weapons rent the city asunder. The explosion also disrupted the local aetheric flow, forming an extra-planal rift: a massive hole in the ocean that is now known as the Ridorana Cataract.

The structure left behind was repurposed into the Ridorana Lighthouse by the kingdom of Dalmasca that eventually came to inhabit Ivalice's former territory. The people of Garlemald are descendants of the Goug people who migrated north to the continent Ilsabard after abandoning the city.

Thousands of years after they left, the Garlean descendants of the Gougans would return in the form of the IVth Imperial Legion, who took robotic constructions from the city for use in the Bozjan Southern Front.

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