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Gottos, also known as Gotus or Ghotos, is a boss from Final Fantasy II. He is located inside Castle Fynn, during the Wild Rose Rebellion attempt to retake the city. Firion and his allies must defeat Gottos to complete the liberation of the town. In later areas of the game, such as Castle Palamecia and the Jade Passage, Gottos will appear as a random encounter, sometimes in packs of two to four.

Gottos is a muscular, masked beast who wears a demonic cape over his back and wields a staff in his right hand. He also wears a loincloth and sandals (boots in some versions); giving him an appearance similar to that of a tribal oracle. He is blue-skinned in the NES version of the game, but in later versions he has a more human skin tone. He is often seen with a devilish smile.



Gottos spends the first two or three rounds of the fight using Imbibe VI, which will raise his Attack. He might use Haste VI on himself to raise his Speed stat.


The only challenge in fighting this beast is taking him out before he starts attacking with his boosted Attack. It is not worth protecting the party's warriors with Blink or Protect; the party should just pound Gottos to take him down in a matter of a few rounds.

Gottos can be killed instantly if someone in the party casts Toad to a sufficiently high level (6 and up). For this trick to work before Gottos attacks, the caster that possesses Toad needs to have an Intelligence attribute higher than 30.

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