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Highlighted on the world map

The Gongaga Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII that lies in the southernmost part of the western continent. It borders the Gold Saucer Area to the north via a river, which can be crossed with the buggy at its shallowest point. A river flows through the Gongaga Area, although it ends at a waterfall emerging from a forested mountain that belongs to the Cosmo Area. The other forested mountains on the Cosmo Area border instead belong to the Gongaga Area. The Gongaga Area also has a land border with the Cosmo Area: the grass south side belongs to the Gongaga Area, and the north dirt side belongs to the Cosmo Area.

Southwest of the Gongaga Area are a group of five traversable islands that lead toward the Woodlands Area.

The town of Gongaga is fairly central to the area and is surrounded by jungle. The town is not marked on the world map. The first time the player is in the Gongaga Area, they may pass straight through as the areas are not required, although after the Temple of the Ancients events the player will be taken to Gongaga. There are various events only available before the Temple of the Ancients event.

The solitary house of the Weapon Seller lies at the easternmost point of the mainland and is surrounded by beaches. Visiting the Weapon Seller is optional, although the player will invariably pass it by on the Tiny Bronco after the Rocket Town events. The Weapon Seller at this point will provide information about the Keystone and its new owner, Dio.

The Ultimate Weapon may settle above Gongaga when it is roaming the world.

The Mystery Ninja has 25% chance of being encountered in the jungle if Yuffie is not yet recruited.


The Beachplugs on the beaches can teach the Big Guard Enemy Skill when manipulated. The Touch Mes teach Frog Song.

Skies above Gongaga
  • Ultimate Weapon (Boss) (engaging Ultimate Weapon with the Highwind when/if it settles above Gongaga)


  1. Grangalan Jr. is covered by Grangalan Jr.Jr. A; Grangalan is covered by Grangalan Jr.Jr. A, Grangalan Jr.
  2. Beachplug D is covered by Beachplug B