Golmore Jungle.

Golmore Jungle is a location from Final Fantasy XIV. It is part of the kingdom of Dalmasca, and since Dalmasca's conquest by Garlemald it has been part of the imperial province of Dalmasca Inferior. Leá Monde serves as the capital of the province and the port city Valnain on the jungle's coast is the base for Garlemald's IVth Imperial Legion.

Golmore Jungle is home to the reclusive and highly territorial Viera. The hot and humid climes of the region have given rise to a nigh-impenetrable expanse of towering sentinels and noisome bogs in which all manner of flora and fauna is allowed to flourish without the interference of man. Within the jungle's depths are ruins of the ancient kingdom of Ivalice, most prominently the Orbonne Monastery which lies along the River Zeirchele.

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