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Flute with a golem's power dwelling inside.


Golem's Flute is Eiko's initial weapon in Final Fantasy IX that she starts with. It teaches her the Cura and Life spells that allow her to heal and revive the party and attack undead enemies, and the excellent Auto-Regen support ability that allows her to passively accumulate health during battle.


Eiko joins the party with the Golem's Flute already equipped to her. It can also be bought from Madain Sari's Mogshop for 2700 gil, and be found in Ipsen's Castle's "secret room" with a giant sword where the player can make the Ancient Aroma Ipsen'sCastleSwordRoom. To access the room, the player must solve the puzzle of the rotating tablet near the elevator to the mirror room. When prompted, Zidane is required to examine, push, pound, think, push, think, try something drastic, and rest to flip the wall and gain access to a new area. This opens up a door in the dungeon's entry foyer, directly to the left of the first door the party entered.


The Golem's Flute's damage dealt with a normal Attack is determined as follows everywhere but within Ipsen's Castle:

Base = 17 - Enemy's Defense
Bonus = Strength + A random value 0 ... [(Level + Strength) / 8]
Damage = Base * Bonus

The damage is then modified by variables like Eiko's row position and the enemy's Protect. Under Mini, her Bonus would be 1. If Eiko equips Healer, damage is converted to healing.

When in Ipsen's Castle, the stronger weapons do less damage than weaker weapons, and the Base part of the damage formula is altered to:

Base = 43 - Enemy's Defense


Golem's Flute is Eiko's initial weapon, though she can also use the rackets the player has been using for Dagger thus far, which are long ranged and so equally powerful from the back row, unlike the flutes. It is worth using Golem's Flute to master its abilities before switching to anything else, however, since its abilities are so useful: Auto-Regen is the best healing method in the game, and Eiko gets to learn it first; Cura can be used for both replenishing the party's HP and for attacking undead enemies; and Life can be used to revive KO'd allies and to instantly defeat undead enemies. The second dungeon where Eiko is a party member, the Iifa Tree, has numerous undead foes and even an undead boss, and so Eiko can excel there offensively with her White Magic.

After mastering Golem Flute's skills, the player does not need it anymore if they get a stronger weapon that Eiko can use, as it is not used for synthesis; for Ipsen's Castle, Eiko is better off using the Air Racket.

Other appearances[]

FFLTnS Eiko Alt1.png

While not appearing as an equippable weapon, Golem's Flute appears as part of one of Eiko's signet images in Final Fantasy Dimensions II.


Golem's Flute being Eiko's initial weapon, some of her merchandise includes it.



Most of of Eiko's flutes are named after a magical being of some sort. In Jewish and medieval folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing. Adam, the first man created by God in the Holy Bible, was a golem since he was created from dust and sand. Having a golem servant was seen as the ultimate symbol of wisdom and holiness, with stories of prominent Rabbis owning golems throughout the middle ages. In modern times, the word golem, sometimes pronounced goilem in Yiddish, has come to mean one who is slow, clumsy, and generally dimwitted.