The Golden Flan is an enemy from the Advance and PSP versions of Final Fantasy IV.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Golden Flan can quickly be killed with Thunder, though is almost immune to physical damage. It is highly advised to kill them as quickly as possible to avoid them ganging up on the party with other Flan-type enemies that may be with them by using strong spells such as Flare or by summoning Bahamut.

Other media[edit | edit source]

Hanjuku Hero - Final Jelly.png

Final Jelly (ファイナルゼリ-, Fainaru Zerī?) appears as an Egg Monster in the Japan-exclusive Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare...!. The sprite is a modified version of the Flan type of monsters from Final Fantasy IV.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal with a bright yellow color and luster, the properties of which remain without tarnishing when exposed to air or water.

Flan is an open pastry or sponge cake containing a sweet or savory filling. A typical flan of this sort is round, with shortcrust pastry, usually coated with sweet syrup. It is similar to a custard tart or a South African melktert.

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