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The Gold Elemental is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Gold Element's model from Final Fantasy X.

Creature Creator Edit

Gold Elemental can be captured at Djose, Thunder Plains, and Macalania Woods with a Trap Pod S up until the end of Chapter 2. If missed, it can also be captured from Luca anytime during the game.

Fiend Tale Edit

Two years since I left. Wonder how children are doing... Hear it will be cold this year. Hope they can keep warm without mother.
Two years ago, Sin was gone. Peace come to Spira. But in that winter, there was great cold wave. Very bad time for Ronso. No hunting game. Crops not grow. Soon, I thought, family will starve. So I leave family. Go work.
First year, I work in Bevelle. Help rebuild town. Next year, work at Youth League Headquarters. Before, always there was work. All in Spira working to rebuild Spira. I work hard to rebuild Spira, too. Send money to family.
But one day, I am dead. Accident when working. Turn into fiend. But fiend is fine. Better than going to Farplane worrying about family. Want to see my children. They will not know this is father, but still want to see. Please take me to mountain. Please.

One notable Gold Elemental was created from the spirit of a Ronso. He attempted to make ends meet for his three children when a frigid winter hit Mt. Gagazet at the start of the Eternal Calm. Working for the Youth League in Bevelle for a year, the Ronso sent funds to his family until the day he died in a work-related accident. Though he found his newfound existence enjoyable, the Gold Elemental requests Shinra to see his family again. As his family is unaware he died, the Gold Elemental presents himself to them as a friend of their father. He tells his children to be good and help one another as he will look after them from afar.

Stats Edit

The Gold Elemental comes into the party having learned Thunder, Osmose, and Lightning Eater.

Level HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic Defense Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck

Abilities Edit

Command Abilities Auto-Abilities
  • Osmose
  • Thunder
  • Lightning Eater

Stats Edit



Battle Edit

The Gold Elemental is not particularly powerful, although it has high Defense. It is easily defeated via Water-elemental attacks, such as the spell Water or the ability Waterstrike, or its Defense can be lowered by using Armor Break. Having Lightning-resistant/absorbing abilities or equipment makes dealing with it all the more simple.

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Etymology Edit

An elemental is a mythic being described in occult and alchemical works from around the time of the European Renaissance and particularly elaborated in the 16th century works of Paracelsus.

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