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Golbez, Clad in Darkness is a time-limited event where Golbez from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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The Rift between Light and Dark:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Raijin: I don't get it. Golbez shoulda just come with us, ya know?
  • Yuffie: Yeah! I thought he cared about Cecil...
  • Jecht: Listen, you two...
  • Jecht: Just 'cause you care about someone doesn't mean you always gotta be with 'em.
  • Yuffie: I know... Well, at least it seems like his heart's in the right place.
  • Raijin: Yeah! Galuf sure talked some sense into him, ya know?
  • Yuffie: Hmm... I guess there's not much else we can do, huh.
  • Raijin: Seems like it, ya know...
  • Galuf: What are your thoughts, Cecil?
  • Galuf: Do you also wish to fight alongside your brother?
  • Cecil: Not "fight," per se...
  • Cecil: I didn't have much chance to speak with him properly in our world after he had come to his senses.
  • Cecil: If we were to journey together in this world, I would like to talk to him.
  • Jecht: Well, what're we doin' just standin' around here then?
  • Jecht: ...So, I got an idea.
  • Jecht: Why don't we let Cecil here take the helm for a bit?
  • Cecil: You mean...pilot the airship?
  • Jecht: You can do it, can't ya? We don't have a heading yet, so just take it wherever you want.
  • Cecil: ...Understood. I'll give it a try.

(Cecil leaves)

  • Cait Sith: Well, well! Aren't you persuasive?
  • Jecht: He needed to get his mind off his problems. I just gave him a suggestion.
  • Jecht: Besides...I got a feelin' that something's about to change.
  • Jecht: After all, some people are just drawn to each other by fate...

  • Galuf: A forest... Did you sense something here?
  • Cecil: Yes, something important... But what that is, I do not know.
  • Jecht: My kind of guy! Ain't nothin' wrong with followin' your gut. So let's get searchin' already—
  • Cait Sith: A m-monster! And a right big one at that!
  • Cecil: Over there! Let's go!

  • Cecil: Brother!?
  • Jecht: Seriously!? Not this guy again!
  • Cait Sith: So surprised to see him, are ya?
  • Golbez: Cecil... Stand back. Leave this to me.
  • Cecil: I refuse! We will fight, too!
  • Galuf: And we do so not to help you, but of our own free will.
  • Jecht: We'll be responsible for our own lives. I doubt you've got complaints with that.
  • Golbez: ...Do as you like.
Leaving Only Bonds:
  • Cecil: Wait! Brother!
  • Cecil: Why won't you talk to me? Please, tell me what you're thinking!
  • Golbez: ...Through my mistakes, I brought misfortune upon this world.
  • Golbez: It is now my responsibility to fix it.
  • Aerith: So you're trying to close the Torsions all on your own?
  • Galuf: Then our goals are one in the same. Isn't that right, Edge?
  • Edge: No doubt about it.
  • Edge: But I was prepared for this. Like I said before, that's life for you.
  • Galuf: Indeed. If Cecil wishes for us to travel together, then so be it.
  • Cecil: There's no need for us to fight anymore.
  • Cecil: Even with Spiritus's patronage, it's too dangerous for you to do this alone.
  • Cecil: So please, come with us—
  • Golbez: No. I must atone for this alone.
  • Cecil: But why?
  • Golbez: There is a chance that the darkness that once possessed me can cross the Torsions to this world.
  • Golbez: I may yet again be manipulated by that evil and consumed with wicked thoughts...
  • Golbez: So I must do this alone, lest I betray you all.
  • Cecil: No. If that happens...
  • Cecil: If that happens, then I'll help you regain your memories. Just like you did for me.
  • Aerith: Yes! And we'll be there to help!
  • Edge: I'll knock you back to your senses!
  • Galuf: You can rely on us. And your brother.
  • Golbez: ......
  • Golbez: For you, spirit moogle.
  • Mog: Kupo!? Th-these are dimensional coordinates!
  • Cecil: That means...!
  • Golbez: Summon me if you must. I will aid you as long as I am still myself.

(Golbez leaves)

  • Cecil: ...Thank you, Brother.
  • Aerith: Is this really okay with you, Cecil? Wasn't there more you wanted to talk about?
  • Cecil: ...Yes, but there's still time for us to talk. Perhaps not now, but...
  • Cecil: For now, this is enough.
Family Portrait:

(Golbez defeats a Ghost)

  • Cecil: Thank you, Brother.
  • Golbez: I do not need thanks... Farewell.

(Golbez exits via Torsion, then the party approaches Cecil)

  • Zidane: Seems like he hasn't warmed up to us one bit.
  • Firion: For siblings, you two are nothing alike...
  • Sabin: I guess it's because they walked different paths in life.
  • Firion: Were you two more alike as kids?
  • Cecil: I don't recall. I grew up thinking I didn't have any blood relatives.
  • Sabin: Oh yeah, you mentioned that.
  • Kain: Cecil was being raised by the king of Baron from before I can even remember...
  • Kain: As a child, he knew few others besides the king and myself.
  • Cecil: It seems like all siblings and childhood friends here have such great bonds.
  • Cecil: Perhaps it's not possible to form such a connection with someone you haven't grown up with...
  • Zidane: That's not true! Upbringing's got nothing to do with it.
  • Zidane: I don't know anything about where I'm from. I didn't even know I had siblings...
  • Firion: And sometimes you'll fight even with those you grew up with.
  • Sabin: But a connection can still be strong, even if you aren't together. Like me and my brother!
  • Cecil: Thank you. Your words give me strength.
  • Cecil: There may yet come a day where he and I work together.
  • Zidane: I have no doubt about it.
  • Firion: Agreed. We all believe so.

  • Kuja: Getting sentimental, are we?
  • Kuja: If you like him so much, you should just join him.
  • Kuja: What's holding you back?
  • Golbez: ...A fine question coming from someone also assisting them.
  • Golbez: Does that kindness not stem from a connection to one of them?
  • Kuja: ...Just a whim. Please don't confuse my motives with your own.
  • Golbez: Hmph... Very well then.
Spoilers end here.

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