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Gogo mimicking Martyn

Gogo, or Golden Goliath in Kugane, is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a mime and performer at the Fukumen Fighting Festival.


Gogo was naturally gifted with mimicking other people, but practiced everyday until he perfected it. His mimicry was seen as a form of entertainment for those at the Doman Enclave. At one point a samurai challenged him to a duel and Gogo mimicked him perfectly, making it no longer a mere performance art, but a form of combat. Once Lord Kaien's rebellion was crushed underfoot, they no longer allowed Gogo to continue his performances. He found employment at the Fukumen Fighting Festival where he could continue his arts under the stage name Golden Goliath.

Golden Goliath at the Festival.

Gogo is with his benefactor Kageyama when Martyn requests to challenge Golden Goliath to see whose blue magic is a fraud. Unbeknownst to Gogo, Martyn and the Warrior of Light follow him to Namai where they watch him mimick the people around him, and learn about his history. When Martyn challenges Gogo in the arena, Gogo unleashes the powerful spells Holy and Flare, defeating Martyn and winning the challenge. He is then challenged again by the Warrior of Light under Royse's permission and whoever wins earns both attractions.

Although Gogo uses a wide breadth of mimic magic, he loses to the Warrior of Light. He accepts defeat, hoping to battle them again after he is done training. He asks Royse if he can keep the Fukumen Fighting Festival going as he enjoys entertaining the masses.



Gogo wears a golden dyed ninja suit, covering his mostly pale skin. After his costume change in Ul'dah, he resembles the Gogo from Final Fantasy VI.


He tends to mimic everyone he comes into contact with, even the things they say. After his bout with the Warrior of Light, he wants to continue the Fukumen Fighting Festival as he enjoys performing for other people.


Gogo is fought in the Masked Carnivale instance Anything's Gogo's where he fights the player in three acts using powerful spells.