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The Gods' Quiver is an organization in Final Fantasy XIV. They headquartered is at Quiver's Hold, which they share with the Archers' Guild.


Established in 1363, the Gods' Quiver were a response to the Ixali attack a year earlier—a means of ensuring the Black Shroud never again be caught unprepared for foreign attack. Presently, the force consists of twelve units, with exactly one hundred fifty men apiece, and their ranks are filled primarily with archers. They are Gridania's eyes, watching for any trace of outside incursion from the watchspires throughout the Black Shroud. Most often, this threat comes in the form of Ixal, and Quivermen train long and hard to repel the beastmen raiders and their war balloons.

Unlike the Wood Wailers, men and women of the Gods' Quiver do not remain stationed forever in a single garrison. Instead, they rotate between posts, to learn the terrain and thereby ready themselves to challenge foes anywhere in the Twelveswood.[1]

Archers' Guild[]

The Archers' Guild began life within the Trappers' League, a body existing to promote brotherhood amongst hunters. From its advent, the League decided where and when game could be taken in an effort to maintain peace with the elementals. In time, the hunters took to friendly competitions in bowmanship, and eventually a group split away to devote themselves to their weapon of choice. These were the founders of the Archers' Guild.

Gridanian archery itself emerged from a history of strife betwixt two traditions: techniques of the longbow, beloved of the Elezen, and of the shortbows, developed by the Miqo'te hunters. The Elezen sought to defend the forest, and clashed mightily with the Miqo'te, who poached its creatures for their meat. The two ultimately reached an accord, and merged their archery techniques into a unique style not found anywhere else in the realm.[2]

Organizational structure[]

  • The Quiver's Rams (The White Rams): 1st Bow Miah Molkot
  • The Quiver's Bulls (The Gold Bulls): 1st Bow Mourechaux the Unbroken
  • The Quiver's Twins: 1st Bow Mianne Thousandmalm
  • The Quiver's Crabs: 1st Bow Coiled Serpent
  • The Quiver's Lions: 1st Bow Joseph Seole
  • The Quiver's Virgins: 1st Bow G'pakibah Dora
  • The Quiver's Scales: 1st Bow Raghu'to Zhwan
  • The Quiver's Scorpions: 1st Bow Claroise Auberle
  • The Quiver's Centaurs: 1st Bow Triaine the Younger
  • The Quiver's Ewers: 1st Bow Dhebi Polaali
  • The Quiver's Whales: 1st Bow Lewin Hunte (Gods' Quiver Bowlord)


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