Goddess's Hymnus is a song for Bards at level 71 in Final Fantasy XI. When cast, the song will grant the Reraise status effect to one party member. It may be reused every 24 seconds, and takes 4 seconds to cast. The song is affiliated with the Light element.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A goddess is a female deity with supernatural powers in polytheistic religions. Goddesses most often have female characteristics that are apotheosized in their pure form, and some cases they have rather general for all humans characteristics, both men and women, like Sophia, and other times they can have characteristics that are rather not specific for women like battle and hunting success (Artemis). Thus while they have been, are and may be associated with as wide a range of phenomena as male deities, including war, creation and sometimes destruction (and death), life-giving, healing and compassion, they have been especially associated with beauty, love, motherhood and in prehistoric religions and also later with the Earth, fertility (Mother-goddess cult in prehistoric times).

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