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A diminutive species of goblin with large ears and an upturned nose. Surprisingly strong for its small size.


Goblins are a diminutive species of monster in Final Fantasy Tactics. Among the first monsters battled in the game, they fit the classic Goblin niche of also being some of the weakest. They have an elemental weakness to Ice.


Rank I

Regular red-capped Goblins are fought in many of the Chapter 1 locations and are quite weak, having a low movement range.

Rank II
Black Goblin

The black-clothed variants of Goblins pack a bit more punch and HP. They also know the Turn Punch skill.

Rank III
Gobbledygook (Gobbledeguck)

The Gobbledygook race has the best HP and skills of any other Goblin, but that still isn't saying much.


Monster Move Jump Phys. Evasion Rate Innate Abilities Common Poach Rare Poach
Goblin 3 3 18% Counter Potion Hi-Potion
Black Goblin 3 3 19% Counter Hi-Potion Shoulder Cape
Gobbledygook 3 3 20% Counter Mage Masher Ancient Sword


The damage formula for Tackle is as follows:

The damage formula for Spin Punch is as follows:

The formula for success rate of status attacks are as follows:

Ability Goblin Black Goblin Gobbledygook Range Effect Vertical
Tackle Yes Yes Yes 1 1 2
Attack with a rushing body blow.
Eye Gouge Yes No Yes 1 1 2
Attack the eyes, robbing the target of sight.
Effect: Blind
Spin Punch No Yes No Auto 2 1
Soundly thrash foes in four directions.
Goblin Punch No* No* Yes 1 1 1
Attack with a thorough beating.
Bloodfest No No No* 1 1 0
Bite the target to suck their blood and absorb their HP.

*Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Beastmaster" support ability is nearby.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Goblin appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth-elemental Monster cards.



A goblin is a small, mischievous creature found in many European folk tales and legends. The word "goblin" comes from the Norman French word Gobelinus, the name of a ghost that haunted the town of Évreux in the 12th century.

Gobbledygook is jargon or especially convoluted language that results in it being excessively hard to understand or even incomprehensible.