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The Goblin is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

The Japanese guide names the three variations Goblin (ゴブリン, Goburin?), Hammer Goblin (ゴブハンマー, Gobu Hanmā?), and Goblin Lord (ゴブロード, Gobu Rōdo?); the same as in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.



Goblins have no elucidating elemental properties and are weak and easy to defeat. They either attack with a hammer, throw rocks, or after the Library, will cast Fire. They are the introductory enemy that the player will face that will use guard and counterattacks.


It is best to wait until after attacking a few, or after they attack, to see if they guard, and if they do, to either jump on them and stomp on them, or to get behind the enemy and continue attacking them.



A goblin is a small, mischievous creature found in many European folk tales and legends. The word "goblin" comes from the Norman French word Gobelinus, the name of a ghost that haunted the town of Évreux in the 12th century.

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