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The Gnomes are the tail and fang collectors in Final Fantasy Dimensions who reward the Warriors of Light with different items. Both can be encountered early in various places and later on in Moogle Cave.

Fang and Tail grinding is extremely time-consuming, so it is recommended to have some characters with Item Finder, Treasure Hunter abilities as well as several Ruffian's Knife, Treasure Band and Bauble Band equipped.

Fang Collector[]

The gnome collecting fangs has brown hair.

Fang Points[]

Fang Points can be acquired by trading Fangs. Fangs can be dropped by many monsters around the world. They can also be found in various places. The Gypsy's 1000-gil chest can theoretically provide an infinite number of Small Fangs. Burtgang is the best place to grind Giant Fangs thank to Earth Raptor.

Fang Type Points
Small Fang 10
Fang 20
Large Fang 30
Giant Fang 40


Fangs Points can be used to trade for certain accessories.

Item Points
Leveling Band 300
Expertise Band 300
Wealthy Band 200
Treasure Band 200
Reflect Bangle 200
Regen Bangle 200
Bauble Band 100
Protect Bangle 50
Shell Bangle 50

Tail Collector[]

The gnome collecting tails has yellow hair.

Tail Locations[]

Tails can be dropped by rare and powerful monsters that appear in separate sub-chapters that can be revisited at any time before the end of Chapter 3. After that, the respective enemies that drop each tail are found in different locations.

Tail Enemy Chapter 1-3 location Chapter 4 location
Red Tail Chimera Cave to Deist B1F Area around Deist
Blue Tail Aqua Rex Underwater Temple 4F Area around Rusalka
Yellow Tail Great Avian Anima Grove Area around Fabrica
Green Tail Torosaurus Mazewood Area around Alfheim
Grey Tail Gorging Bunny Land West of Umberwood Area around Castle Falgabard
Silver Tail Silver Dragon Akame Valley Area around Hagakure
Gold Tail Gold Dragon Castle Burtgang Area around Burtgang
Pink Tail Flan Princess Prize at the Casino Island west of the Coliseum

Every Tail may also be infrequently acquired as a reward for defeating three enemies in a row including Orochi at the Coliseum.