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The Gnath are a race of arthropod-like beastmen in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion who venerate the primal Ravana.


The Granth are a tribe of insect-like beastmen who inhabit the south region of the Dravanian forelands. Having made remarkable advances in alchemy and metallurgy, these hunters have developed incense that deters Dravanian intruders, thus preserving Gnath territory. They are also known as the Onemind as all Gnath are spiritually linked to their leader. If the link to this hive mind were to break, they would become individual beings who are cast out form their community as the Vath or Nonmind.

FFXIV Gunas.png

Though bipedal and humanoid in stance, their limbs are spindly, the legs curve and twist similar to various arthropods, and the they claws for hands. Their heads' dome-like structure makes them resemble a kasa and they have prominent sets of mandibles. Concept art has shown what appear to be Gnath dwellings, towers resembling termite mounds. According to the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward | The Art of Ishgard – Stone and Steel – artbook, the Gnath are modeled after the Urutan-Yensa from Final Fantasy XII.

The Gnath are a warlike race, focused on expanding their territory. Unlike the other beastmen tribes, who generally summon their primals out of desperation, the Gnath summoned Ravana hoping to use his power to take the lands held by the dragons of Dravania.


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Their name stems from the ancient Greek word gnáthos (γνάθος), which means "jaw".

Due to their arthropod-like appearance and culture resembling behaviors shown by various insects, it is safe to assume that their name comes from "Ectognatha", another term used for insects. "Ectognatha" refers to the mouthparts being outside of the animal, a trait the Gnath also display.