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Gloceana, and also known as Guroceana in the Anthology release, is a continent in Final Fantasy V on Galuf's world. The continent is considered dangerous by the population of Galuf's world, due to the prevalence of monsters. However, it is home to one successful human village, Regole. Gloceana is also home to a vast desert, with a nearby moogle residence simply known as the Moogle Village.

According to Galuf and soldiers in Bal, it is crawling with monsters and extremely dangerous. However, there is one successful human village there.


Krile Mayer Baldesion's parents vanished and the Gloceana Desert when they went searching for the last wind drake there. The dragon later arrived in Bal, but Krile's parents did not, and they were presumed dead.[1]

After battling on the Big Bridge, the Light Warriors were flung to Gloceana when the Barrier Tower activated, causing them to land atop a hill on the continent. With the aid of a moogle, they found a safe path through Gloceana Desert, and were retrieved by Krile in the Moogle Village.


Gloceana in the top right.

Gloceana has a reputation as a very dangerous continent crawling with monsters.[2]

Regole, the continent's only human settlement, is located on its north end. To the south of it is the Sealed Castle of Kuza, an abandoned castle haunted by monsters. Entered from a forest is the Underground Waterway, leading all the way east to both the vast Gloceana Desert, and further east, the Moogle Village.