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Glamhoth is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Stealers of Lives hunt. It is a daemon.


A grim goblin lurking deep within the mountains. Though fairly reclusive as far as daemons go, the glamhoth occasionally descends the slopes and enters villages to snatch up valuables, lashing out at anyone who might stand in its way.
Size: 4.26 ft. Weight: 64.8 lb.


Stealers of LivesGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon
Glamhoth x7Vannath Coast (Nighttime)173,070 gil, Fencer's Anklet★★




Glamhoths spawn near Vannath Coast when night falls after the player accepts their hunt from Galdin Quay. They use physical attacks and can steal Potions and Hi-Potions from the player. They are weak to fire and resist ice. They are weak to polearms and daggers.


Goblin-type enemies are not strong, but can be annoying for their thievery. If the player has already unlocked the ability to character-swap to Ignis, his fire daggers is a quick way of dispatching glamhoths. The player can use fire elemancy to damage all of the glamhoths at once, a good way to open the battle.


In J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy writings, the Grey Elves refers to the Orcs as a whole as the Glamhoth, "noisy horde".

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