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Glaive Arts are special attacks Gladiolus can perform when directly controlled by the player in Episode Gladiolus DLC, in Chapter 13 Verse 2 in Final Fantasy XV, and during character-swapping in the main game. When killing enemies with Glaive Arts in the main game, the player gains AP, which can be good for AP farming, especially during Timed Quests.

Gladiolus's "valor" gauge is built up by chaining regular attacks. Once full, a Glaive Art can be performed. The gauge can be filled multiple times and each full gauge will unlock a more powerful Glaive Art.

Glaive Art Available Description Image
Earthshatter When the no bar is filled. Gladiolus digs his blade into the ground, creating a small shockwave around himself that damages enemies in its impact zone.
Razor Edge When the first bar is filled.
Tempest When the second bar is filled. Tempest-Gladiolus-FFXV
Maelstrom Unlocked for defeating Enkidu. Usable when the third bar is filled.
Dual Master Unlocked for defeating Gilgamesh in Episode Gladiolus. Can be used after unleashing Maelstrom. Gladiolus Dual Master against a gigantoad in FFXV

Gladiolus uses Dual Master in a cut scene in the Windows and Royal Editions of the game against the Fierce. When using Dual Master, Gladiolus dual-wields his equipped greatsword with the Genji Blade. If he has the Genji Blade equipped, he uses two copies of the same sword.

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