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Gladiolus controlled via character swap.

Gladiolus is a party member in Final Fantasy XV who acts autonomously in battle. He can rescue party members in Danger status, invoke link-strikes with Noctis and perform Techniques and use items on himself by the player's beckoning. Patch 1.20 added a character swap feature to the main game that can be unlocked via the Ascension. He is the toughest party member with the most HP and strength.

Gladiolus is also the main playable character in his own DLC episode, and in an added segment to Chapter 13.

Party memberEdit

In battle, Gladiolus uses greatswords as his Primary Arm and can equip shields as Secondary Arm. He has the highest physical power and HP of the group. Though he has a great deal of Spirit to allow him to outlast magical attacks, he lacks in Magic, which is best left to anyone else in the group. He is best as the tank and the fighter.

Link attack with Gladiolus

Link attack with Noctis.

Gladiolus has a good range due to his use of greatswords, which he can also throw, and he can thus attack enemies without need to cover distance in close. His shield comes in handy to bolster his defenses, especially from long range attackers, and increase his stats further. He can use his shield as a makeshift knuckle to pound the ground to throw enemies off balance and strategically attack enemies with the bonus of doubled damage. He is the worst equipped when fighting aerial enemies, as he has little way of intercepting their flowing offensives, and his intervals compared to gun wielding enemies sees him vulnerable to their attacks.

His skills are centered on supportive, offensive and defensive actions. Though he only provides cover for Noctis, Gladiolus acts defensively through brute force, kicking away enemies who come in too close, and even providing cover, defending himself as well as his charge if they are in close and nullifying the oncoming attack.


Gladiolus's statistics, disregarding stat boosts from weapons and attire.

Level HP Strength Vitality Magic Spirit
1 534 27 40 7 36


As Noctis's party member, Gladiolus learns First Aid abilities from the Recovery grid in the Ascension that let him recover his own health when low.


Gladiolus Survival skill battle results from FFXV

Gladiolus finds an item after battle.

Gladiolus's skill is Survival, which has him find items during and upon winning battles; the higher the Survival Skill Level, the better items he can find. The chance of finding items is better the more steps the player has taken between battles. Gladiolus can find consumable items like potions and elixirs and treasures from animal parts to coins and notes. The higher level Survival skill provides better quality items at the end of fights, no matter what the outcome is. The number of items he finds can be doubled via abilities learned in the Ascension's Exploration grid.

Survival levels up by running on the field. The player can leave the game to run on its own with the controller in a position the party will run in circles to accumulate steps to level up Gladiolus's Survival.


Gladiolus learns the following Teamwork abilities in the Ascension Grid. He will perform these autonomously.

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Acute Antagonism
Name Effect
Reflex Perform a disruptive area of effect greatsword counterattack. Damage modifier: x2. Only use when current HP is low and will only use once.
Engage Perform a powerful pre-emptive greatsword strike. Damage modifier: x2
Intercept Gladiolus guards the player character with a shield when his own HP is high. Intercept blocks an attack that was going to hit the player (doesn't matter if the attack was directed at the player specifically or not). Needs to have shield equipped as secondary arm. Gladiolus can use it more than once in battle but not back-to-back.
Antagonize Perform a disruptive kick while Noctis is defending (no weapon requirement). Damage modifier: x1.5
Acute Antagonism Increases Antagonize damage modifier to x2.5
Link Up
Crystarium Branch 2
Super Link Up
Crystarium Branch 1
Critical Link
Crystarium Branch 1
Limitless Link
Crystarium Branch 1
Ultimate Deathblow

The group Teamwork skills also apply to Gladiolus. The linking skills make linked attacks (see below) stronger, whereas the Deathblow abilities have him perform specific abilities on enemies that are in vulnerable state. Which Deathblow Gladiolus uses depends on equipment; if he has a shield equipped, he will only use that. Ultimate Deathblow boosts the damage done.


Gladiolus can learn the following Techniques from the Ascension Grid. They can be invoked by the player, and Noctis can usually do a follow-up-attack with them. Gladiolus starts with the Tempest Technique.

Crystarium Branch 2
Royal Guard
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Gladio: Limit Break

Gladiolus excels in bringing on massive direct damage on single targets and controlling crowds of enemies.

Tempest allows him to attack through wildly brandishing his greatsword, spinning across the field with an opening swing, indirectly hurting enemies in his path, before finishing with a mighty swing on the designated target; depending on the situation, it comes in handy as either a crowd-controlling technique, or a multi-hitting damage attack with no excessive cost. It requires accuracy and strategic placement to properly realize its full effect. The critical version adds an additional opening swing. It costs a single tech bar.


Critical Dawnhammer.

Dawnhammer brings Gladiolus to prepare a mighty downward slash capable of inflicting a critical hit and Break. It is especially useful for breaking appendages; having Noctis following in for the additional attack further increases its chances. The strike can miss agile enemies. It costs two tech bars.

Cyclone causes Gladiolus to slam the ground with his shield, delivering an area-of-effect shockwave. He then holds up his sword, creating a temporary warp-point for Noctis. Warping to it will have Noctis spin around the sword repeatedly before swinging it himself. Gladiolus needs a shield equipped. It costs two tech bars.

Royal Guard makes Gladiolus stomp the ground around him before calling Noctis to him, immediately giving him Serene status. This allows Noctis makeshift sanctuary from enemy attacks and expedited HP/MP regeneration. Noctis can wait around 10 seconds, walk away, or charge back into battle with a prompt unleashing a follow-up attack. This cannot bring Noctis out of Danger. Gladiolus needs a shield equipped. It costs a single tech bar.

Impulse has Gladiolus pause briefly, wielding his weapon in front of him, and promptly cutting a quick slash from left to right. The cut unleashes a wide, sweeping and shredding vacuum that hits all in the vicinity in front of him with massive damage multiple times. It is especially useful for bringing down tanks of enemies with enormous amounts of HP, clearing out numbers of enemies who have power in groups, and for quickly wrapping up battles when the opportunity arises. This technique often deals 9,999 damage, especially when critical blows are landed, and can easily deal more if Gladiolus's Limit Break node is activated. It costs three tech bars.

Limit Break lets Gladiolus break the damage limit of 9,999 damage with his Techniques. Along with Impulse, Dawnhammer is also capable of soaring past the limit.

Linked attacksEdit

Gladiolus-Noctis link-strike from FFXV


When parrying an enemy's attack (called link-strike) or blindsiding them as Noctis wielding either a one-handed sword, polearm or a greatsword, Gladiolus has a chance to join in for a linked attack. Gladiolus must be near Noctis (with Friendship Band equipped he can be a little further away), not incapacitated and not amid performing another action. He has one link-strike per weapon type, but various blindside links; if a blindside link triggers with Gladiolus the game chooses randomly which attack to use, although some require Gladiolus to have a shield equipped as a secondary arm to appear. Linked attacks only happen in the main game when playing as Noctis.

Player's weapon Gladiolus's weapon Type Description
Sword Greatsword Link-strike Gladiolus pulls Noctis away from the enemy the former just parried and strikes it.
Sword Greatsword Blindside Gladiolus rushes in and attacks Noctis's target over his head while Noctis grouches down.
Sword Greatsword Blindside Gladiolus rushes in and takes Noctis's hand, flinging him into the air. Noctis strikes the enemy with his one-handed sword in the air while Gladiolus attacks with his greatsword below.
Sword Shield Blindside Noctis grouches and Gladiolus uses him as a "launching pad" to jump into the air and bash the enemy with his shield.
Polearm Greatsword Link-strike Gladiolus lowers his sword to the ground, Noctis steps on it and Gladiolus launches him as they attack the enemy together. (Video)
Polearm Greatsword Blindside Noctis cartwheels away from the opponent to make room for Gladiolus who attacks Noctis's target together with him.
Polearm Greatsword Blindside Gladiolus grabs Noctis and spins and then throws him at the enemy before following with a strike of his own. (Video)
Polearm No weapon*(may need shield equipped to trigger) Blindside Noctis grabs onto his spear and acts as a weight when Gladiolus picks up the spear with Noctis still on it to attack the enemy. Noctis lands on Gladiolus's back and hops back down.
Greatsword Greatsword Link-strike Gladiolus and Noctis stand side by side and attack Noctis's target in unison. (Video)
Greatsword Greatsword Blindside Noctis attacks and then throws his greatsword into the air. Gladiolus comes up from behind, grabs Noctis's weapon and dual-wields greatswords as he descends upon Noctis's target.
Greatsword Greatsword Blindside Noctis and Gladiolus attack Noctis's target in unison with their greatswords.
Greatsword Shield Blindside Noctis uses the shield Gladiolus is holding out horizontally as a stepping stone to attack the enemy.

Blindside link with Cor.

In Episode Gladiolus, Gladiolus has three blindside links with Cor, and the player can do them one after another, unlike in the main game. Linking five times earns the Master and Pupil achievement/trophy.

  • Gladiolus strikes an enemy with his greatsword and Cor climbs onto his back and does a jumping attack on the enemy with his katana.
  • Gladiolus strikes an enemy and Cor comes up from behind for a follow-up attack.
  • Gladiolus and Cor attack Gladiolus's target in unison, Cor doing a little somersault.

Character swapEdit

The ability to character-swap to Gladiolus during battle is unlocked in the Ascension Grid for 20 AP. Gladiolus attacks with a straightforward, somewhat-slow but decently-ranged 4-swing blitz with his greatsword. The opening swing is altered depending on his position and the target's, and can also change by tilting the analogue stick while attacking, sprinting, or attacking after rolling or blocking. Like Noctis, Gladiolus has a simple downward slam for an aerial attack. By tilting the movement stick away from his target, Gladiolus can toss his sword towards them (his only ranged attack), or, if holding the attack button, charge his greatsword in a similar manner to Noctis (though his swing is quicker).

Gladiolus lacks a stamina gauge, and thus can sprint indefinitely. He has 100 base MP, and like Ignis, he constantly loses MP when holding the phase button, he recovers it very quickly, his Stasis period is much shorter than Noctis's, and he cannot dodge-roll or brace attacks in Stasis. Unlike Nocis and Ignis, Gladiolus blocks attacks with his shield, and can still do so without one equipped. There are only a handful of attacks that can't be blocked with Gladiolus's shield, which are typically the same attacks Noctis can't phase through (often AOE attacks); attempting to block them will stagger him briefly and may inflict damage.

By blocking enemy attacks, taking damage, or blocking attacks at the last second, Gladiolus can build up his "rage" meter to increase his damage output with a maximum potential of quadruple damage. Blocking attacks at the last second will also leave the enemy vulnerable and bring up a visual counterattack prompt, which unleashes a strong sword swing. The rage meter drains slightly after every attack Gladiolus performs, and will automatically begin to drain during battles.

Gladiolus has a "valor" gauge, rather than an auto-charging Technique bar, that can be built by chaining regular attacks. Once full, a Glaive Art can be performed. The gauge can be filled multiple times and each full gauge will unlock a more powerful Glaive Art. The valor gauge resets after battles.

Gladiolus can't attack with his shield or use magic. He cannot utilize his Magic stat in any way, and does not benefit from the passive abilities of his shields; however, his equipped shield will be shown in his block animation, and he still benefits from any raw stat bonuses. Like Ignis and Prompto, Gladiolus has Impervious by default when he is playable (Noctis needs to unlock it in Ascension for 333 AP), and has a bigger recovery window than Noctis. Impervious negates the damage the player just took from some attacks by pressing the dodge button just after getting struck, even restoring Max HP or canceling an ailment inflicted by the attack.



Slow, yet powerful, two-handed swords. Easy to make enemies flinch.
Two-handed Sword
(Two-hand Sword)
482Max HP: +53
+15% damage per additional enemy within 65 feet radius (max + 100%)
Buy: 50
Sell: 25
Default: Gladiolus, Noctis at start of game
Shop: Ch.1–8: Hammerhead
A greatsword forged for battling many foes at once. The blade inflicts greater damage when surrounded by foes.
War Sword
(War Buster)
782Max HP: +65
10% chance to inflict Compromised
Buy: 150
Sell: 75
Shop: Ch.1–8: Hammerhead, Galdin Quay, Prairie Outpost
A greatsword with added heft, made to inflict stunning blows that deprive foes of their defense.
Blade of Brennaere
1312Max HP: +82
Fire Resistance: 27%
Inflicts Fire-based damage
Buy: 300
Sell: 150
Find: Western valley of the Three Valleys (Leide; Map)
Shop: Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station - Cauthess
A greatsword with fire in its core. Foes vulnerable to fire best beware.
1562Max HP: +98
Vitality: +32
Buy: 600
Sell: 300
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
Ore that increases vitality is forged into the blade, granting the wielder a defensive boon.
Force Stealer
(Force Eater)
2102Max HP: +202
Max MP: +6
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: —
Trade: Caem Carrot x4 at Cape Caem farm
A unique greatsword crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
(Hard Breaker)
2442Max HP: +153
+80% breakage on body parts/appendages
Buy: 1500
Sell: 750
Find: Alstor Slough in Duscae by a shack south from Pullmoor Haven (Map), Daurell Caverns (near the area where the party points out the scaffolding and ladder, where hecteyes and a necromancer spawn)
Shop: Lestallum, Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, Ch.7: Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove
A greatsword that cuts with the precision of a scalpel. Allows the wielder to destroy appendages with greater ease.
3452Max HP: +246
Lightning Resistance: 29%
Inflicts Lightning-based damage
Buy: 5000
Sell: 2500
Find: Malmalam Thicket (before the first clearing; Map), Pitioss Ruins
Shop: Altissia, Cartanica, Tenebrae, Zegnautus Keep
A greatsword with electricity crackling in its blade. Foes vulnerable to lightning best beware.
Duel Code
3702Max HP: +468
+50% damage to lone enemies within 65 feet radius
Buy: —
Sell: 7500
Find: Ch.15: Daurell Caverns maze
A greatsword that was forged for single combat. It inflicts greater damage on lone foes.
Force Stealer II
(Force Eater II)
4632Max HP: +308
Max MP: +11
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: —
Upgrade: Give Force Stealer to Cid with a Monster Claw
A unique greatsword crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
4962Max HP: +310
+15% damage per additional enemy within 65 feet radius (max + 100%)
Buy: 8000
Sell: 4000
Default: Gladiolus in Ch.14
Shop: Ch.14: Hammerhead, Kingsglaive Base Camp (Windows/Royal Edition)
A greatsword forged for battling many foes at once. The blade inflicts greater damage when surrounded by enemies.
5032Max HP: +287
Spirit: +54
Changes battle music to Timed Quest music when equipped to Noctis or Gladiolus and controlling them
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Trade: 1000 QP at Prize Exchange at Timed Quests (only one)
A synth-heavy sword guaranteed to give its wielder The Spark and make them Unstoppable against enormous enemies.
Patch notes: Added in 1.09
Iron Duke
5812Max HP: +153Buy: —
Sell: 5000
Find: Ch.15: south edge of the southeastern 'valley' of the Three Valleys (Map)
Reward: A Legend Is Born (Randolph)
A crude but robust greatsword that dispenses with enchantments. It is designed with simple devastation in mind.
5832Max HP: +298
Dark Resistance: 32%
Buy: —
Sell: 6000
Find: Ch.15: West of Coernix Station - Alstor (by an abandoned utility building; Map), Ch.15: Keycatrich Trench maze
A greatsword infused with holy light. It's deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred.
5972Max HP: +403
Damage bonus when the wielder has low HP: Damage + (30 + 9n% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP)
Buy: —
Sell: 10000
Find: Ch.15: Balouve Mines maze
A blade that seeks to safeguard its master by becoming deadlier when the wielder's health wanes.
882Max HP: +49
20% chance of inflicting 30% Max HP damage when the target's HP is full
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Pre-order bonus, Weapon: Masamune (FFXV) DLC
A relic from a faraway land, this sword sometimes inflicts massive damage against an uninjured foe.
Genji Blade
4262Max HP: +357
Stays in inventory from the start of a new game
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus
A young man dueled with the Blademaster and suffered defeat. This was his katana. Forged in a foreign land, this glaive ends a flurry of attacks with a deadly coup de grâce.
Dodanuki from FFXV
802Strength: +46
Reduces enemy defense with each slash
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Microsoft Store preorder bonus for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition
Sleek sword crafted by a bladesmith from a foreign land. Reduces enemy defense with each slash.
Garuda's Pain
Garudas Pain greatsword weapon from FFXV
4562Max MP: +6
Strength: +22
Vitality: +24
Magic: +29
Spirit: +20
Strengthened aerial attacks
Buy: —
Sell: —
Trade: 1x Claymore & 1x Vortex Feather & 10 Allagan Tomestones at Y'jhimei's trading post in Perpetouss Keep
Can be purchased once
A greatsword that houses the raging power of the Lady of the Vortex. Inflicts great damage with aerial attacks.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27 for Adventurer from Another World
Pain of the Vortex
(Vortex Pain)
Garudas Pain greatsword weapon from FFXV
572100Max MP: +60
Strength: +31
Vitality: +31
Magic: +31
Spirit: +22
Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
Aerial warping MP cost halved
Always inflicts a critical hit
Glows green in battle
Buy: —
Sell: —
Trade: 1x Garuda's Pain & 4x Vortex Feathers & 1x Adamantite & 20 Allagan Tomestones OR just 99x Allagan Tomestones at Y'jhimei's trading post in Perpetouss Keep
Can be purchased once
A greatsword that unleashes the raging power of the Lady of the Vortex. Inflicts great aerial damage and reduces aerial MP consumption.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27 for Adventurer from Another World
Mutant Rakshasa Blade
Mutant Rakshasa Blade from FFXV
3283Max HP: +124
Max MP: +32
Strength: +25
Magic: +52
Spirit: +21
Dark Resistance: 58%
When wielded in battle, the blade exudes red miasma. The warp-strike is the same as with the Blade of the Mystic royal arm; the blade sends out three projections that damage the target before Noctis warps. The warp-strike also ignores greatsword resistances/weaknesses
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn
A blade patterned after the one wielded by Ardyn. Transforms warp-strikes into multi-hit attacks.



Gladiolus cannot make use of shields' passive abilities.

Kite Shield
521Vitality: +15
Shot Resistance: 8%
Recovers 50 HP per Blink
Buy: 300
Sell: 150
Shop: Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station - Cauthess
A common, easy-to use shield. Executing Blink restores a small amount of health.
Absorb Shield
831Max MP: +10
Vitality: +30
Shot Resistance: 12%
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Trade: Caem Carrots x4 at Cape Caem farm
A unique shield crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03
Ice Shield
931Vitality: +18
Shot Resistance: 10%
Ice Resistance: 22%
+30% HP Recovery Rate for 5 seconds after taking Ice damage
Buy: 800
Sell: 400
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
A shield that increases ice resistance, especially when raised. Taking ice damage greatly boosts the bearer's health recovery.
Thunder Shield
1111Vitality: +21
Shot Resistance: 12%
Lightning Resistance: 24%
x4 Critical Rate for 5 seconds after taking Lightning damage
Buy: 1500
Sell: 750
Shop: Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, Ch.7: Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove
A shield that increases lightning resistance, especially when raised. Taking lightning damage greatly boosts the bearer's critical hit rate.
Flame Shield
1261Vitality: +22
Shot Resistance: 9%
Fire Resistance: 21%
+300 Strength for 5 seconds after taking Fire damage
Buy: 1500
Sell: 750
Shop: Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, Ch.7: Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove
A shield that increases fire resistance, especially when raised. Taking fire damage greatly boosts the bearer's strength.
Hero's Shield
1441Vitality: +25
Shot Resistance: 22%
-30% damage from bullets
Buy: 5000
Sell: 2500
Find: Crestholm Channels, Pitioss Ruins
Shop: Altissia, Cartanica, Tenebrae, Zegnautus Keep
A shield that increases ballistic resistance, especially when raised.
Absorb Shield II
1671Max MP: +15
Vitality: +38
Shot Resistance: 12%
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Upgrade: Give Cid the Absorb Shield along with a Spiked Armor
An upgraded version of a unique shield crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03
Black Prince
1751Vitality: +32
Shot Resistance: 13%
Dark Resistance: 22%
+300 Magic for 5 seconds after taking Darkness damage
Buy: 10000
Sell: 5000
Find: Pitioss Ruins
Shop: Meldacio Hunter HQ, Ch.14: Hammerhead, Kingsglaive Base Camp (Windows/Royal Edition)
A shield that boosts darkness resistance, especially when raised. Taking darkness damage boosts the bearer's magic.
Power Shield
1761Vitality: +6
Shot Resistance: 11%
Buy: 600
Sell: 300
Find: Crater in Kelbass Grasslands southeast from Lestallum (Map)
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
A shield woven with elements that lend strength and protection to the bearer, greatly enhancing attack.
Wizard Shield
2251Vitality: +34
Magic: +99
Shot Resistance: 12%
Buy: —
Sell: 6000
Find: Insomnia (Windows/Royal Edition: Map), Ch.15: Near entrance to the Rock of Ravatogh (Map), Ch.15: Keycatrich Trench maze
A shield woven with elements that lend magical strength to the bearer, greatly empowering spells.
Aegis Shield
2921Vitality: +55
Shot Resistance: 11%
10% chance to nullify any incoming damage
Buy: —
Sell: 10000
Find: Ch.15: Steyliff Grove maze
A mighty shield said to have been borne by the gods themselves. It can sometimes completely block an attack.
3271Vitality: +50
Shot Resistance: 14%
+200 Strength for 3 seconds after Blinking (effect triggers only for Noctis)
Buy: —
Sell: 7500
Reward: Legend Wrapped in an Enigma (Randolph)
A shield formed from many layers of armor. Executing Blink boosts attack strength.
Medjay Assassin's Shield
2020+200 Strength for 3 seconds after blocking (effect triggers only for Noctis)Buy: —
Sell: 0
Reward: Assassin's Festival treasure hunt
A shield once wielded by a legendary Assassin of the sands. Significantly increases damage dealt after blocking an attack at the last second.


Some accessories are exclusive to Gladiolus.

Friendship Band
(Friendship Misanga)
Increases link-strike activation radiusBuy: —
Sell: 0
Find: Balouve Mines, Greyshire Glacial Grotto, Crestholm Channels (player must be Lv.35+ for it to appear)
An accessory that can be worn by Noctis's friends. Wearers can unleash link strikes even over great distances.
MegaphoneHP Recovery Rate +10% for the whole party. Max HP Recovery Rate unaffected.Buy: —
Sell: 0
Find: The Myrlwood (northern point of the large area after entering the forest; Map)
Black Belt+50% damage to larger enemiesBuy: —
Sell: 0
Find: Ch.15: Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze (lv4)
An accessory exclusively for Gladiolus. Significantly increases attacking strength when fighting massive foes.
The Tall's TalismanMax HP +10; Max MP +10; HP Recovery Rate +10%; Strength +10; Vitality +10; Magic +10; Spirit +10; Shot Res. +10%; Fire Res. +10%; Ice Res. +10%; Lightning Res. +10%; Dark Res. +10%; Increases the growth rate of valor gauge.Buy: —
Sell: 0
Reward: Chapter 14 quest Relics of the Empire. Only one available
Download: Exclusive to Final Fantasy XV Royal/Windows Edition
Amulet infused with the power of the Lucii. Accelerates the rate at which Gladiolus’s valor increases.


Crownsguard Fatigues
(Royal Guard Unit Combat Uniform)
Gladiolus-Crownsguard-Attire-FFXVMax HP +20%Default
The battle garb of the Crownsguard. Designed to protect the wearer and increase their health.
Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket)
(Royal Guard Unit Combat Uniform (No Jacket))
Gladiolus-Crownsguard-NoJacket-FFXVStrength +20%; Magic +20%Default
The battle garb of the Crownsguard, without the jacket. Designed to boost the wearer's strength in combat.
Casual OutfitGladiolus-Casual-Attire-FFXVImmune to Enfeebled, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen, ShockedDefault
Simple, casual clothes. Designed to reduce against stat-reducing status ailments.
Casual Outfit (No Jacket)Gladiolus-Casual-NoJacket-FFXVCritical Rate +20%Default
Simple, casual clothes, without the jacket. Allows the wearer to move freely and land critical hits more easily.
Kingsglaive Garb
(The King's Swords Clothing)
Gladiolus-Kingsglaive-Attire-FFXVVitality +30%; Spirit +30%Main Quest: Reunion and Recovery
Clothes worn by the Kingsglaive. The inner lining defends against physical blows and invigorates the wearer's spirit.
Kingsglaive Garb (No Jacket)
(The King's Swords Clothing (No Jacket))
Gladiolus-Kingsglaive-NoJacket-FFXVHP Recovery Rate +6%Main Quest: Reunion and Recovery
Clothes worn by the Kingsglaive, minus the jacket. Allows the wearer to move freely and recover their strength faster.
Thermal Suit
(Heat-Resistant Protective Clothing)
Thermal-Suit-Gladiolus-FFXVMax HP +20%; Immune to Burnt; Immune to Fire elemental damageOnly during A Precious Source of Power (main quest) and hunts occurring inside the power plant. Permanently unlocked when picked up from outside the power station in Chapter 15
An extra thick, heat-resistant suit specially designed to increase the wearer's health and provide protection from fire.
Magitek Exosuit
(Magitek Invincible)
Magitek-Exosuit-Attire-Gladiolus-FFXVMakes the wearer invincible for a time. For mechanics, see here.Added in patch 1.13
A special suit recovered and repurposed by Cid. Uses magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm.
Rugged Attire
(Wild Outfit)
Rugged-Attire-Gladiolus-FFXVStrength +30%; Vitality -30%; Boosts item drop rateScore 500,000+ pts in Score Attack Mode in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus.
This ensemble puts Gladiolus in tune with his wild side and exposes his upper body, boosting his strength and perception while reducing vitality.
Medjay Assassin's RobeMedjay-Assassins-Robe-Gladiolus-FFXVImmune to Instant DeathAvailable since the start of the game (originally obtained from the Assassin's Festival)
Designed to improve mobility, these robes protect the wearer from sudden death.
Glamour Prism: RoegadynGlamour Prism Roegadyn Gladio attire from FFXVVitality +24%; Spirit +50%Complete Adventurer from Another World
A small crystal with an image of Roegadyn garments sealed inside. Enhances vitality and spirit.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27


Gladiolus's tastes reflect his nature as an outdoorsman, enjoying wild game cooked with the bare essentials and seasoned with the gathered flora of the surrounding area. He especially enjoys meaty dishes, a majority of them skewers, and is fond of Cup Noodles. Much of the game that compose his favorites are powerful monsters ranging from bulettes to behemoths, and some of the fish he enjoys are among the more challenging to land. The sidequest "A Perfect Cup" requires the player to hunt down either a Karlabos, a Zu, or a Behemoth, for the pursuit of sharing with the team the "real" experience of feasting on a cup of noodles. Eating Gladiolus's favorite food at camp empowers his Techniques.

NameIngredientsEffectsSPFavorite ofUnlock
Prairie-Style Skewers
Prairie-Style Skewers
Anak Meat
Leiden Pepper
Attack Boost (Level 4): Strength +40
HP Boost (Level 4): Max HP +200
50GladioCooking skill lv. 2
Fried Frontier Skewer
Fried Frontier Skewer
Bulette Shank
Cleigne Wheat
HP Boost (Level 10): Max HP +500
Critical Boost (Level 3): Critical Rate +30%
?GladioAcquire a Bulette Shank after defeating a Bulette
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Skewered Wild Trout
Skewered Wild Trout
Trout Fillet
Leiden Pepper
Attack Boost (Level 15): Strength +150
HP Boost (Level 16): Max HP +800
Toadproof: Immune to Toad
70GladioCatch a Rainbow Trout
Prime Garula Rib
(Garula Steak Special)
Prime Garula Rib
Garulessa Steak
HP Boost (Level 10): Max HP +500
Endurance: Sprinting does not reduce stamina
?GladioPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 2 from Post Kiosk (Wiz Chocobo Post)
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Carp of the Diem
(Rinsed & Chilled Carp Sashimi Bouquet)
Carp of the Diem
Lucian Carp Fillet
Kettier Ginger
Attack Boost (Level 10): Strength +100
HP Boost (Level 30): Max HP +1500
Poisonproof: Immune to Poison
?GladioCatch a Lucian Carp
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
Cup NoodlesAttack Boost (Level 3): Strength +30
HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300
1GladioApproach the Cup Noodles Wagon in Lestallum
Cup Noodles
(Behemoth Round)
Cup Noodles with Behemoth
Behemoth RoundAttack Boost (Level 3): Strength +30
HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300
1GladioSidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Cup Noodles
(Glimmering Zu Egg)
Cup Noodles with Zu Egg
Glimmering Zu EggAttack Boost (Level 3): Strength +30
HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300
1GladioSidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Cup Noodles
(Karlabos Carapace)
Cup Noodles with Shrimp
Karlabos CarapaceAttack Boost (Level 3): Strength +30
HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300
1GladioSidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Cup Noodles
(real taste)
Cup Noodles
Cup NoodlesAttack Boost (Level 8): Strength +80
HP Boost (Level 10): Max HP +500
EXP Boost (Level 2): EXP +20%
1GladioSidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Military Man's Banquet
Karlabos Claw
Cleigne Mollusk
Duscaen Orange
Attack Boost (Level 16): Strength +160
Regen Boost (Level 4): HP Recovery Rate +100%
(Cor Leonis cooks it in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades)
Patch notes: Comrades guest-cooked recipes were added in patch 1.18, but after Comrades became a standalone title in patch 1.27, the recipes from it were made available in the base Final Fantasy XV


The player can train with Gladiolus on campsites. New training levels are unlocked as the player levels up, and the Final Trial is open in Chapter 15. Completing a training session earns 5 AP. Gladiolus does not appear in the bestiary and Ignis is not available to use Analyze, and thus it is impossible to observe Gladiolus's training stats.

Downloadable contentEdit

Episode Gladiolus Gameplay

Gladiolus in battle.

Gladiolus has a downloadable episode where the player takes control of him directly. Gladiolus faces Gilgamesh, and fight alongside Cor Leonis.

Gladiolus's combat style functions the same as his character swap in the normal game, though the episode's font style is unique. The valor gauge won't reset after fights. In certain areas, Gladiolus can use stone pillars as weapons. Enemies will flash red when executing unblockable attacks.

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