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Gladiators' Hall.

Gladiators' Hall (挑戰者之館, Chōsensha no Yakata?) is a location from Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is a bonus dungeon where players can fight three optional superbosses: Adamantoise, Gigantuar and Ω Weapon. Each superboss has its own reward after they are defeated.


The Adamantoise gives the party one to three pieces of Adamantite when it is defeated. Adamantite can be used to craft the Adamant gear, which seems to have the highest stats of all equipment. Certain gear pieces require different amounts of Adamantite pieces, some requiring three pieces.

Gigantuar gives one to three Moogle Coins, which when given to Mog (located beside the item vendor), will give the party 3 Job Points in exchange.

The Ω Weapon gives players a choice of rewards. In Ω Weapon's room, it holds nine alcoves containing a Heroic Shield and eight legendary weapons, as well as three treasure chests containing Hermes Sandals, a Ribbon and a Megalixir. The treasure chests can be opened as many times as the player wants after defeating Ω Weapon, however only one of each weapon as well as the Heroic Shield can be obtained.

Note that although the superbosses get tougher as they level up, the chances of getting a higher amount of items such as the Adamantoise' Adamantite, and the Gigantuar's Moogle Coins do not rise. The amount a player receives is still randomized between one to three of each item.

Ω Weapon's Reward Room[]

List of the legendary equipment obtainable in Ω Weapon's Room.

Item Properties
God Hands ATK 100, STR +10. Strong vs demons/humans/undead.
Ultima Weapon ATK 117. Increases damage cap.
Hermes' Sandals SPD +5. Auto-Haste
Ribbon Prevents all status ailments.
Megalixir Fully restores party's HP and MP.
Ragnarok ATK 118, VIT +5, MND +3. Element: Holy.
Mutsunokami ATK 112, SPD +5. Strong vs. dragons and humans.
Artemis' Bow ATK 105, STR +3, INT +3, MIND +3. Element: Wind. Ignores row.
Loki's Harp ATK 85. Ignores rows. Sometimes causes Petrify.
Heroic Shield DEF 15, EVA 45. Prevents all status effects.
Longinus ATK 119, SPD +5, INT +10, MIND +10. Element: Wind. Decreases cast/wait time.
Apocalypse ATK 120, STR +5. Element: Dark.

Adamantite Gear[]

Adamantite can be used to craft gear, and certain gear require different amounts of Adamantite.

Equipment Adamantite Needed Stats
Adamant Shield Requires 2 Adamantite DEF 20, EVA 50.
Adamant Helm Requires 2 Adamantite DEF 25, RES 10, STR 3, VIT 3.
Adamant Hat Requires 2 Adamantite DEF 21, RES 15, STR 1, SPD 3, VIT 1, INT 1, MND 1.
Adamant Tiara Requires 2 Adamantite DEF 16, RES 20, MEV 10, INT 3, MND 3.
Adamant Armor Requires 3 Adamantite DEF 35, RES 10.
Adamant Vest Requires 3 Adamantite DEF 30, EVA 25, RES 15, MEV 5.
Adamant Robe Requires 3 Adamantite DEF 25, RES 25, MEV 25, INT 5.
Adamant Armlet Requires 1 Adamantite. DEF 18.
Adamant Bangle Requires 1 Adamantite DEF 12, RES 15, MEV 15


Each superboss has six levels to fight. A player must defeat a single superboss twice in order to level it up, amassing a total of ten kills on each boss. As bosses gain levels, their stats improve, as well as their strategy and combat patterns, increasing the overall difficulty of the battle. Party members should be fully leveled and equipped with the best gear possible to extend chances of survival.



Item Price
X-Potion 3000
Ether 1500
Dry Ether 5000
Elixir 50000
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Cottage 800
Scared Cande 100
Shuriken 2000
Happo Shuriken 20000
Fuuga Shuriken 50000