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Glacial Cave entrance.

Way north of here is a cave filled with gigantic icicles! Moogles don't do well in the cold, kupo!


The Glacial Cave (氷結の浸食洞, Hyōketsu no Shinshoku Hora?) is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Shiva can be fought and acquired here.


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The Warriors of Light come here on their quest in Rusalka. The cave is briefly mentioned by a Moogle in Forest of the Fey. It is covered with thick ice and icestorms occur sometimes. At the end of the cave, the Warriors meet Shiva. Upon being defeated, Shiva decides to lend the Warriors her strength. After that, the cave warms up as the ice begins to melt.

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Item Place
Echo Grass 1F
Phoenix Down 1F
Cleric's Staff 1F
Ether B1F
Hi-Potion B1F
Kris B2F
Gold Neddle B2F
Partisan B2F (After defeating Shiva)
Cleric's Hat B4F
Prism Rod B4F (Aftter defeating Shiva)
Brigandine B4F (Aftter defeating Shiva)
Cottage B4F