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Giott is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. Appearing in the Shadowbringers expansion, Giott one of the key characters for healer role questline, and functions as the quest giver for the quest chain. She is the most talented Dwarf in the Tholl, and was tasked with eliminating the Cardinal Virtue Sophrosyne.



Giott dresses as most dwarves do, with dwarven armor of fending and a dwarven mithril hammer as a weapon. Under her helmet reveals that she has red hair and yellow eyes.


Giott drinks a lot, and often acts in a brash reckless manner. When confronting an enemy she had broken many of her ribs, and was unable to move, thanks to the Warrior of Light she was healed back to good health.


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Due to the sins that Lamitt committed and her transformation into Cardinal Virtue Sophrosyne, the Council of Elders of Tholl commissioned Giott to locate and eliminate Sophrosyne.

Her journey takes her to the Crystarium where she meets the Warrior of Darkness. With the help of the Warrior of Darkness, Giott investigates why Sophrosyne appears to heal some sin eaters while only ignoring others. During the quests, the Warrior of Darkness through echo has insights into Lamitt's past. Due to the visions, Giott learns that Lamitt was not entirely a shame for the clan, Lamitt had broken traditions to save her people from illness and was eventually exiled along with those she saved for it. Giott theorizes that the Sin Eaters that Sophrosyne is healing are the helmetless dwarves who were exiled with Lamitt and turned by the Flood of Light, and by instinct Sophrosyne is still healing them today.

FFXIV ShB Giott helmetless

Giott helmetless.

Giott creates a plan to confuse Sophrosyne by placing a dwarf helmet on the Sin Eaters, but the plan fails and the helmet is broken. Giott decides to break the tradition and removes her own helmet to put it on Sophrosyne. Once Sophrosyne is defeated, Lamitt's spirit appears. Having broken tradition, Giott leaves the Tholls.

After Elidibus starts impersonating Ardbert, Giott may be one of the characters who visit the Warrior's room at night. Giott learns about the Ascians. Dissatisfied with the situation, she offers encouraging words for the Warrior to do what is right.

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Giott is an allied npc and assists the Warrior of Darkness in the solo duties during Healer's Role Quest in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


Giott shares the same name as King Giott, who was the king of the dwarves in Final Fantasy IV.

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