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Gimme gimme...
—Gimme Golem

Gimme Golems are a special type of Mirage in World of Final Fantasy. They act as a wall, blocking the player's path until they are given the items they request. The item will always be within the same dungeon the golems are, found either in a treasure chest or via the Stroll ability.

Unlike other Mirages, Gimme Golems do not engage in combat nor can they be imprismed.

List of Gimme Golems Edit

Location Item Found in:
Wellspring Woods Lusterleaf Stroll
The Nether Nebula - Cavern 2 Sleekstone Chest
Icicle Ridge - Slip 2 Squishsparkly Chest
Saronia Docks - Stations 2 & 3 Swirlshell (x2) Chests
The Dragon Scars - Scar 3 Fluffiflower Chest
Valley Seven Jaggejaw Chest
Mako Reactor 0 - Sector 4 Dazzledisk Chest
Train Graveyard - Necropolis 5 Wearwheel (x2) Chests
The Sunken Temple - Quacheon 3 Charmchime (x2) Chests
The Crystal Tower - First Floor & Secret Respite Clearcryst (x4) Enemy Encounter Drops
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