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Gilgamesh is fought as the end boss of the missions The Clash on Big Bridge and Machina's Struggle, and in a similarly-themed fight later in the final dungeon. He also appears as an optional boss in his traditional eight-armed design in a New Game Plus playthrough.

To fight his "true" eight-armed form, one must complete Machina's Struggle, available only from the second playthrough onwards. A portal will appear on the world map leading to the Rift, where Gilgamesh will duel with a random party member. The portal will appear in four locations around Orience: Black Tortoise Crevasse, the Militesi Empire near the capital, the Kingdom of Concordia near the Royal Palace, and east Dominion of Rubrum. The locations repeat in this order if the player fights and defeats Gilgamesh.

Because Machina's Struggle occurs after the point of no return, the portal to fight Gilgamesh must be found in a third playthrough. Moreover, the first portal's region isn't unlocked until the end of Chapter 4. Completing all RTS missions will unlock every region on the map.

The Clash on Big Bridge[]

Gilgamesh's first encounter on the Big Bridge.

Gilgamesh is at LV65 and quite powerful. A superficial Confusion status effect is applied to him. He uses a spinning attack where he uses his enormous sword to strike those close to him. When nearby, he can grab a cadet by their neck and then strike with his sword. He moves fairly slowly, but has a lot of HP. The battle concludes the mission even if the player loses.


It is possible to take Gilgamesh on even if his level is higher than the party's by exploiting the Breaksight strike chances that trigger when he is about to execute an attack. As his health wanes the player can inflict Breaksight strikes many times in a row, quickly depleting his HP. It helps to use a ranged cadet and stay out of his way. Breaksight strikes can stop Gilgamesh in his tracks briefly. Deuce is a good character to use, as she can easily dodge all of his attacks with Avoid and chip away at Gilgamesh's health with her basic attack.

Machina's Struggle[]

Incognitus versus Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is fought using the same strategy as before, but will take 0 damage from virtually all attacks, requiring Breaksight strikes to be brought down. His attacks are slightly less intimidating with Machina being in l'Cie mode, although his extra-lengthy horizontal sword swing in particular is unusually deadly and can wipe out Machina in a single blow.


Machina's Cyclone skills can help him land every possible Breaksight with ease. His other skills, such as Awakening and Guardian Blades, are not recommended due to their inferior reliability on landing said strikes. Healing magic isn't usable in this battle due to Machina being sided with Milites at the time, thus having Potions and defensive items will help.

Unidentified Target[]

A shadowy form of Gilgamesh is fought in the Black Tortoise's Chapel of Destruction in Pandæmonium. The fight mostly plays out the same, but the entire area is constantly bombarded by Militesi ships.

True Gilgamesh[]

The "true" eight-armed form of Gilgamesh will battle a random party member, and if the player is defeated, he takes the character's equipped weapon. The reward of defeating the true Gilgamesh is the character's ultimate weapon.


Gilgamesh's attack patterns are mostly the same. Characters, particularly slow attackers like Cinque that struggle landing multiple Breaksight strikes quickly, can utilize SHG magic or rapid-striking abilities.

Ultimate weapons[]

These are the weapons obtained by defeating True Gilgamesh with the respective character.