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Gilgamesh is a boss encountered in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is located the Depths of the True Moon, and, unlike the other bosses, he must be fought in order to proceed to the other floors.


As in Final Fantasy V, Gilgamesh will only use weak attacks at the start of the fight. After taking a certain number of damage, he will cast Haste and other status improvements on himself. His strongest attack is Zantetsuken, which does not instantly kill all characters, but does high damage to them. He can also use Jump on a single party member. Although not necessary, the player can cast Slow or use a Spider's Web on Gilgamesh to negate his Haste status. Since Gilgamesh fights primarily usings physical attacks casting Blink would be a good idea as it also prevents jump from hitting. The party should still focus on using their strongest Bands on Gilgamesh, however. Some of the best choices are Sky Grinder or Ultima Spark.

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