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Gilgamesh is a recurring boss in Final Fantasy V. He appears for the first time in Castle Exdeath's dungeon and fights Galuf who seeks to rescue his comrades. Gilgamesh returns at the Big Bridge, Xezat's Fleet, the top of Castle Exdeath, and twice in the Interdimensional Rift, in a warp field at first and later during the fight against Necrophobe.

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Gilgamesh has the Genji equipment that can be stolen from him.

Defeating Gilgamesh in the mobile and Steam versions earns the player the "Enough of a Beating" and "Morphing Time!" achievements. Allowing Gilgamesh to help the party in the battle against Necrophobe earns the achievement "Made It!".

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Encounter #1: At Castle Exdeath dungeon[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh will only attack. The player controls Galuf who should win the battle by using Attack each round, regardless of job, and heal if needed. Gilgamesh runs away after his health drops to 10,000, effectively making his HP about 1,500. Galuf can cast Missile or Gravity to end the battle almost immediately, or Zeninage.

Gilgamesh is susceptible to the Mini spell.

Encounter #2: At the Big Bridge[edit | edit source]

Clash at the Big Bridge.

The first "real" battle against Gilgamesh. He will mostly use physical attacks for considerable damage and will occasionally cast Aera, Wind Slash, and Goblin Punch.

When his HP drops below 2,500 Gilgamesh will cast Protect, Shell, and Haste on himself and start using Jump attacks. When his HP is near this point the player should cast Silence on him (Mage Mashers will also work). Slow is also effective.

It can be a good idea to use the Ancient Sword (found in Ronka Ruins) against Gilgamesh: he is susceptible to Old status, which means his stats could be reduced.

Encounter #3: At Xezat's Fleet[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh at Xezat's Fleet.

This is the first chance to steal a piece of Genji equipment. In the first part of the battle Gilgamesh will use mostly physical attacks, using Missile or Death Claw once in a while.

After a short while Gilgamesh's loyal sidekick, Enkidu, will appear and cast White Wind, completely healing Gilgamesh. The player should attempt to wear him down as soon as possible as he can use White Wind and Vampire, healing for huge amounts of HP if used at the wrong time (and probably also killing one of the party members). Enkidu receives half damage from short-range attacks and the player still has to deal with Gilgamesh. Enkidu only has 4,000 HP and can be silenced, or even confused. After Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh will eventually flee and end the battle.

An easy way to defeat Gilgamesh instantly without having him summon Enkidu is to use the Blue Magic Dark Spark followed by Level 5 Death. Due to rounding, Dark Spark will reduce his level to 15.

Another easy way to defeat Gilgamesh is attack him with Death Sickle(s), which can be acquired in Bartz's World. Death Sickle has 33% chance of inflicting Instant Death. If lucky, Gilgamesh can be eliminated before he can summon Enkidu.

Encounter #4: At Castle Exdeath[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh at Castle Exdeath.

The player's fourth confrontation against Gilgamesh and the last "real" one. The fight can be skipped by not opening the treasure chest in the room after the save point, but then the player will not receive the Excalipoor or be able to steal his Genji Helm, and a scene will be skipped, causing the next encounter against him to make no sense unless it is Finest Fantasy for Advance version, in which case Gilgamesh will not appear again.

Gilgamesh uses Rocket Punch, Flash, Frog Song, Tiny Song, Hurricane, Time Slip, Dischord, Daze Dance, and, physical attacks. The player's main concern will be keeping the characters free of ailments, particularly Sleep and Confusion. The non-healers in the party can use recovery items to help heal and equipment can be changed mid-battle, e.g. to equip the Healing Staff to remove status ailments from party members. The summon Golem is useful here.

After the player has dealt enough damage Gilgamesh will convert to his true form and attempt to show off his true power, but finds that, since he's wielding Excalipoor, he can only do minimal damage to the party. At this point the player can steal his Genji Helm, but it does not take long for Exdeath to get tired of Gilgamesh's worthlessness and banish him to the Void. The player can cast Slow on both forms to make the battle easier.

If the player is powerful enough to deal the necessary amount of damage in one turn it is possible to kill Gilgamesh without him transforming. In doing so the party misses out on receiving the Excalipoor.

Encounter #5: At the Interdimensional Rift[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh at the Interdimensional Rift.

Gilgamesh will mistake the player's party for an enemy and attack; he deals moderate damage, but that is the only thing he will do. After taking some damage he will recognize the party and walk away. The party should steal his valuable Genji Shield.

Encounter #6: Against Necrophobe[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh comes to help Bartz.

This is the final encounter with Gilgamesh who appears after the player has defeated Necrophobe. The party should steal the final piece of the Genji equipment, the Genji Armor, but he will sacrifice himself to defeat Necrophobe shortly after appearing.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The enemy ability known as Resploder in the PS version and Chain Detonation in the GBA version, is named ゆうばく in Japanese. It may have been intended to be a special attack (as it appears in the attack lists for Ramuh, Catoblepas, Sekhmet, Sandworm, Exdeath's normal and tree forms, Archeoaevis, Gilgamesh, and Wendigo), but it is just a normal physical attack. Crystal Dragon has it as a Catch/Release ability, but when used as a Release it acts the same as a normal Attack. The ability was removed (at least from Crystal Dragon) in the iOS version.

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