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Veritas of the Frost is a member of the original Sworn Eight of Paladia and the last to appear. Official material states his current status as unknown. He and his suit of armor debut in the Gronoa chapter.

Developers, have hinted that he may appear in some way in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.



Frost's armor is a blueish gray. His helmet has two long lateral horns that point upwards. He wears a pinkish cape shaped in several strands of clothing. When fought as a boss he carries several weapons on his back.

His appearance without his suit of armor remains currently unknown.


The original Frostlord used to be brash, reckless, disobedient, aggressive, arrogant, and battle-thirsty. He looked down on people who did not match his power and refused to take orders from anybody who wasn't close to him in strength. Even then he was disrespectful and picked just to satiate himself. Being more a believer of brawn rather than brain, he dismissed strategy-planning as pointless and preferred to resolve things by his own hand.


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Frost was lived in the world of Paladia. When the world fell into war between Aldore and Hess as the latter wanted to achieve independence from the rest of the world, Veritas of the Frost remained loyal to Aldore and served as one of its main lieutenants.

The original Veritas of the Dark wanted to enact a plan to stop the war by sealing Hess' Eight Sages into Crystal to force negotiations, but Frost thought the plan nonsensical. Restless and unable to wait or understand the importance of the operation, he boasted he could take on the sages himself Dark did not take his words kindly and reminded him to stay put and obey. Frost challenged Dark into stopping him by force, but Dark knew the operation could be jeopardized as a result of the injuries sustained opted to let Frost go his own way. Frost was disappointed and left.

Word of his defeat spread and the rest of the Sworn Eight believed he was felled, much to the disbelief of Veritas of the Bolt who wondered how somebody like Frost could have been defeated. The Sworn Eight could never truly confirm his death as neither his body or suit of armor could be found. The artbook cites his status as unknown.

Seven hundred years later when Rain and his friend fend off the deranged Dark Elf they attempt to prepare for the final battle to protect the last Dark Crystal from the Veritas. Sakura (formerly Veritas of the Bolt) senses his energy and decides to confirm her suspicions. Frost's suit of armor, which resided in Duggle Village and was worshiped as a god, awakens and assumes his rampage by freezing the villagers, including Camille. Sakura guides the party to find her former comrade.

The party meets with the Veritas of the Frost who greets Sakura. Rain asks if he is responsible for freezing the villagers and Frost affirms, justifying that he needed to "warm up" after sleeping for so long. Infuriated Rain demands Frost to free the people. Frost agrees to do so if Rain can best him in battle. Rain takes him up to the challenge, but Frost asks Rain if he's the strongest within his party. Unable to provide an answer, Frost states he won't waste his time in pointless battles and that he will only fight the strongest among the party and thus sets up the party to fight each other. Since the villagers are held hostage, they have little choice but to comply.

The first battle is between Sakura and Rain. Sakura tells Rain he should not hold back or the Frostlord will notice. Rain, although initially reluctant, is convinced to fight as Sakura shares her desire to find out Rain's true strength. The two battle with Sakura summoning Visions as reinforcements. Rain narrowly wins and Frost praises their match, and moves them to the Lordless Castle to continue the next fight. Lasswell asks Sakura if she let Rain win, and she denies, saying she fought to the best of her ability. Lasswell is confused as he believes both Sakura and Rain moved sluggish, and wonders whether he awoke to some kind of dreaded power himself.

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Veritas of the Frost is fought as a boss during the second half of Gronoa. At 300,000 HP he has the highest HP value of the story bosses at the point he's fought. Frost uses Nonpareil and No Fear to increase his own stats and Frozen Hell to deal Ice Damage and debilitate the party's ATK/MAG.


Veritas is Latin for "truth."

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